Friday, May 07, 2021

Ante nuevas reaperturas y durante días de carnaval el Minsa vigilará el cumplimiento de las medidas de bioseguridad

Minsa will monitor that biosecurity measures are complied with in the event of new reopening and during Carnival days

Given the reactivation of new economic activities as of this Monday, February 8, the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) will reinforce surveillance to guarantee compliance with biosafety measures, this was announced this Sunday by the director of the Metropolitan Region of Salud, Israel Cedeño.
He emphasized that in the face of the new flexibilities, the responsibility for the control of possible cases that may arise has to be shared, commercial premises and restaurants must comply with the measures and regulations established to mitigate COVID-19 and minimize contagions, therefore which reiterates the call to the population to maintain self-care measures, such as the use of masks, hand washing, physical distancing, and the use of face shields in public transport.

"The population has to understand that please, we can go out, go to restaurants, reactivate the economy, but use the mask properly, when we go on public transport we also use face screens, there have even been recommendations so that in the restaurants the waiters also use face screens in addition to the mask, all seeking to minimize the risks of contagion, the beaches are open from Monday to Friday, remember that the weekend quarantines continue, in the specific case of the Metropolitan that we have to do watch the beach of Veracruz, the team together with Sinaproc will be doing the daily patrols , ”he stressed.

Cedeño added that in the same way during the Carnival days , the Minsa will maintain surveillance and verify compliance with the regulations throughout the capital, islands and resorts.

He explained that the Minsa will be working jointly with the Unified Traceability Teams and with the Joint Task Force to verify that all sanitary regulations are met and avoid clandestine parties and meetings where crowds and agglomerations may occur. COVID-19 infections.

"We already have the entire team prepared and coordinated, so we have a work schedule to attend to all the townships that we have to monitor in the metropolitan health region ... if situations of social disorder occur, due process will be carried out with the justices of the peace and the medical directors of the health centers for their respective sanction,” Cedeño emphasized.

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