Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

El Minsa hace el llamado a los médicos especialista que laboran en el sistema privado

Minsa: The health system needs between 100 and 150 specialists to fight the pandemic

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre urged Panamanian medical specialists who work in the private sector to support the actions carried out by the National Government to combat COVID-19 in Panama.
We in Panama have areas ready to open, but what we need is the human resources to provide care precisely in these areas, added the highest health authority in the country.

The minister pointed out that at least between 100 and 150 specialist doctors are being needed, since there is still a good percentage of general practitioners, whom he thanked once again for their dedication and the daily extra mile.

He also announced that in the Social Security Fund (CSS) an intensive care room with 30 beds was recently adapted, but there are no specialists to open it, he said.

At another point, Sucre recalled that this Monday, December 21, mobility by gender begins to make purchases in the retail trade, and also asked entrepreneurs and business administrators to reprogram the schedules and adapt them to the new measures and the touch of It remains to prevent people from being crowded at stops.

Companies must organize themselves to know how long it takes for their collaborators arrive at their homes before the curfew, added the head of the Ministry of Health.

Oh ya 114 days ago
Well that what happens Mr Minister when you close the country for years from allowing other professionals from practicing their trade. You get what you deserve


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