Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Este domingo 8 de julio sólo se permitirá se permitirá la circulación en Las Tablas con motivo de la aplicación de la segunda dosis de la vacuna Pfizer bajo la modalidad de barrido.

Minsa reiterates that the total quarantine in Las Tablas continues until this Sunday

The lifting of the total quarantine will be on Monday, August 9, as announced by the Minsa with other health regions.
The Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) denied information circulating on social networks about the alleged lifting of the total quarantine in the Las Tablas district this Sunday.

"The total quarantine without working hours in the district of Las Tablas, Los Santos province, remains in force until this Sunday, August 8," the ministry detailed in a statement.

The entity clarifies that this Sunday circulation will only be allowed in Las Tablas on the occasion of the application of the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine under the scanning modality in the population 16 years of age and older and in the population of 12 to 15 years with chronic pathologies and certified disability.

He reiterated that the lifting of the total quarantine measure will be on Monday, August 9, as it will be done with the rest of the health regions announced last Tuesday at a press conference.

The Minsa urges the population to comply with biosecurity measures to avoid contagion of COVID-19.

Oh ya 51 days ago
Yup you can get the clot shot on sunday but not milk for the kids. Makes sense to me.... Sarc off


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