Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Minsa registers 1,200 new cases of coronavirus; 925 patients are hospitalized

Minsa registers 1,200 new cases of coronavirus; 925 patients are hospitalized

The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported that for this Friday, November 20, 1,200 new infections of coronavirus, which brings the accumulated cases to 152,289 in the country.

Regarding deaths, the latest epidemiological report of this entity indicates that 10 new deaths have been registered, totaling 2,932 accumulated and a case fatality rate of 1.9%.

In the last hours 9,853 tests were applied, for a percentage of positivity of 12.2%.

Active cases total 16,609, and the number of patients recovered from the disease is 132,748.

While in home isolation there are 15,684 people, of which 14,977 are at home and 707 in hospital hotels.

There are 925 hospitalized patients and of them 773 remain in the ward and 152 in the intensive care unit.

Testing over 10,000 per day

Given the latest numbers of tests applied, which exceed the goal of 10,000 or are close to this amount, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, explained that the importance of applying a greater number of tests is that it allows locating positive cases and your contacts to lead efforts to break the chain of transmission.

Given the existence of a 30% percentage of asymptomatic, it is necessary to locate the positive people in their communities and take measures to cut the chain of transmission, he said.

With the arrival of the weekend, he reminded the population that all festive activities, parking, bullfights, cockfights, discos, dances and other social events are prohibited.

Sucre insisted that most of the infections are being registered by family visits and festive activities that are carried out without being authorized.

Harry 151 days ago
Seems that the so called experts are ignoring but are aware that the PCR test is not just inaccurate it is fake news. Portugal court. False positives for 97% of tests. Too many, plus 30 amplifications of virus debris create this false positive test. The PCR test does not test for the actual virus called CV19 , it tests for the debris of any Corona Virus. Cannot tell the difference between them and the person tested is not necessarily sick. Test results are complete BS. The only meaningful stat is how many actually died specifically of this virus VS the ones that supposedly died with this virus.

Time to wake up folks.


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