Thursday, Jun 17, 2021

El reconocimiento se hizo con 10 representantes de los médicos cubanos y los 3 directores médicos de los hospitales donde laboraron los galenos

Minsa recognizes the work of the Cuban mission in Panama

The Minister of Health, Luis Sucre, recognized the work carried out by the doctors of the Cuban medical brigade in Panama.
"Our country is grateful for the Republic of Cuba for this support they provided in three months of the pandemic," Sucre said.

During an act of recognition, Dr. Carlos Ricardo Pérez Díaz, who leads the brigade, said that in these three months the 230 Cuban doctors have learned a lot from the Panamanian health system.

This Cuban medical brigade has provided medical care in the provinces of Chiriquí, Panama Oeste and in the Capital city in hospitals such as Santo Tomás, the Arnulfo Arias Hospital Complex, the San Miguel Arcángel Hospital, the City of Health, in Panama Solidario and in the old Figali.

"It has been a symbiosis between Panamanian doctors and Cuban doctors, since Cuban personnel have performed more than 45 thousand medical care, achieving an average of more than 52 thousand medical processes and saving lives in coordination with our Panamanian colleagues," the doctor highlighted in a statement from the Minsa.

Pérez Díaz highlighted that together with his Cuban colleagues they carried out actions of assistance and scientific work in mutual cooperation.

On the other hand, the medical director of the Hospital Panamá Solidario, Aurora Vernaza, highlighted, "our staff showed physical wear and tear and the delegation of Cuban doctors came to refresh, provide that humanitarian medical relief at the time we needed it most."

Vernaza also pointed out that there have been three months of work side by side, day by day, seven days a week for three months, and the Cuban staff provided support in all the tasks that were needed within the hospital and in the country.

The recognition was made with 10 representatives of Cuban doctors and the three medical directors of the hospitals where the doctors worked, in the company of the ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Panama Lydia Margarita González.

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