Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Minsa: QR code does not share personal or clinical information of patients

Minsa: QR code does not share personal or clinical information of patients

The QR code was used for the first time in the Panama - Costa Rica match. The Minsa is studying the possibility of implementing it for admission to other events.
The Minister of Health of Panama , Luis Sucre reiterated that the QR code does not share personal information or clinical records of patients.

The issue was addressed during a meeting with the Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc, and the administrator of the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco), Jorge Quintero.

Sucre assured that the QR code was reviewed and it was learned that it does not disclose any type of personal information.

“It was clarified that the only thing that the QR code contributes is whether you are vaccinated or not and through a color. It does not give any type of personal information and any type of information that has to do with the part of the clinical file because that is not integrated into the information on the QR,” Sucre said.

For his part, Leblanc asked citizens to find out about the QR code through official sources.

The QR code is being implemented in Panama to verify the vaccination against covid-19 of citizens, and was used for the first time in the Panama-Costa Rica match in the Rommel Fernández State.

Currently, the National Government is studying the possibility of increasing the capacity in other types of events and using the QR code to facilitate entry to them, Minister Luis Sucre confirmed yesterday.

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Banjaxed 17 days ago
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Oh ya 18 days ago
Your papers please... Sounds just like Nazi Germany. People need to stand up and say no to this bull shit, boycott any business that starts asking for the code., if they want to go broke because of no business that is their choice


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