Saturday, May 15, 2021

Panamá recibió el pasado 17 de febrero el segundo lote de vacunas de Pfizer contra covid-19 con 67,860 dosis y se espera esta semana reciba 77,200 dosis

Minsa plans to start the 2nd phase of covid-19 vaccination in early March

Phase 2 of the vaccination plan against covid-19 in Panama could begin between March 4 and 5, said Eusebia de Copete, national head of Nursing at the Ministry of Health (Minsa).
This phase is divided into stage 2A that includes adults over 60 years of age and the population aged 16 to 59 with chronic diseases, while stage 2B includes teachers and administrators of public and private schools and universities and CAIPIS personnel.

De Copete said that nursing personnel from the interior of the country are already being mobilized to reinforce planning and advance with vaccination.

She explained that in the case of the bedridden they will be vaccinated in parallel to the rest of the phases.

“We are going to go in parallel in such a way that at this time we have to finish with essential groups and at the same time we start those over 60 years old, that is why we are saying that in two weeks we must have started with vaccination of those over 60 years chronic,” she said.

The national head of Nursing said that to complete the vaccination of the groups included in phase 1, it will be necessary to use the doses of the batch of vaccines that recently arrived and those that are to arrive this week.

Panama received on February 17 the second batch of Pfizer vaccines against covid-19 with 67,860 doses and it is expected this week to receive 77,200 doses.

Mike 82 days ago
Two laboratory rats are talking
Asks one: "Are you ready to get vaccinated against Corona?"
"Are you crazy!!" replies the other "As long as the vaccination test with human guinea pigs is still running, I'll wait and see!"


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