Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Minsa plans to make the mandatory use of masks more flexible from December

Minsa plans to make the mandatory use of masks more flexible from December

The Health Minister said that the possible relaxation of the use of masks would be applied in open places and where there are few people.
The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, said that Panama's goal is to make the mandatory use of masks more flexible as of December.

"We are optimistic, but as scientists we know that we can have some regrowth ... you have to take care of yourself and get vaccinated. What we aspire is that in December possibly already in open places, where there are few people, we will not need to use masks."

However, Sucre recommended continuing with the use of face masks even though the National Government eliminates the obligation, so that care in the population is prolonged.

Previously, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, said that if the biosecurity measures continue to be complied with, and the vaccination strategy is implemented, the new year could be celebrated without the need to use masks in open spaces.

To date, Panama accumulates 469,440 cases of COVID-19. According to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, of that total, 459,657 patients have recovered, while 2,508 cases of COVID-19 remain active.

After the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was known that the use of masks continues to be essential as they represent protection above 80%.

In Panama, 75.6% of the population, who can be vaccinated against COVID-19, have completed their vaccination schedule with two doses, and booster doses will soon be applied.

Kiwi 262 days ago
Seems good news there is a move towards lifting masks, hopefully they're done away with in a few months.
How is the sentiment toward mandating the vaccine in Panama? Are there any coercion tactics being applied(mandatory in essential/frontline work, mandatory for customer interaction, mandatory for increased 'liberty' etc)?
Sheila 264 days ago
Panama followed the People's Republic of China 'health' mandates. When these shenanigans began in March 2020, the first thing the govt. did was call the Chinese, and they followed their recommendations to the letter. Now, I've lived in Asia for several years. Only people who were sick with the flu wore masks. The healthy certainly never did So, this was another thing yet. To the govt: of Panama, and to the Minsa: Sres, basta ya de tonterías. (Pls. stop these shenanigans). Las mascarillas no sirven para nada, y menos para prevenir este o cualquier virus. [Facemasks are useless to stop this or any virus). Eso sí, han servido para ampliar los cofres del gobierno con los $1000 dólares de multa que han cobrado. (Of course, they did fatten government coffers thanks to the USD 1000 you levied for not wearing them). Por favor, ya es suficiente. Paren esta locura. Las mascarillas son además anti-sanitarias y pésimas para el medio ambiente del cual aparentemente se olvidaron. (Please -- enough is enough. This is total insanity. Facemasks are also unsanitary and they're terrible for the environment, which you've obviously forgotten about).
Oh ya 264 days ago
Maybe the (scientists) from Minsa should take a puff from a cigarette and then put on a mask and exhale. If you see smoke either coming around the edges or through the mask itself that means the so called virus will do the same as it is smaller than cigarette smoke particles. So wearing a mask is all about control and nothing to do with the china flu


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