Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

La resolución también ordena el cierre temporal de la empresa Nacional Química, S.A.

Minsa orders 70% denatured Herva alcohol to be withdrawn from the market

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) of Panama ordered, through Resolution 122, the withdrawal from the market and suspension of the use of Alcohol Denatured Herva 70%, whose health registration has expired since May 29, 2017.
The resolution also orders the temporary closure of the company Nacional Química, SA, responsible manufacturer and distributor, as well as the withdrawal from the national market of all the products manufactured by them.

The exposed actions could present a danger to the health of the population, and according to article 171 of the Law of January 10, 2001, marketing a product without a sanitary registration constitutes a very serious offense, the entity warned.

For its part, the company Nacional Química, SA, maintained that before the pandemic, they noticed that some health records and the operating license had expired, so they made the procedures for the new license, however, the Minsa requested adjustments to the production plant to issue the permit.

The adjustments began but were suspended due to the quarantine. "With the reopening of private construction, we managed to complete them in their entirety last week. Without an operating license in order, we could not process the renewal of health records, and due to this combination of events we are in the current situation", sustained the company.

Faced with this situation, the company filed an appeal for reconsideration before the National Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs of the Minsa, and today it formally requested the operating license.

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