Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Se conoció que ocurrió en el centro de vacunación contra COVID-19 habilitado en el Parque Omar.

Minsa investigates video of nurse applying COVID-19 vaccine without pressing the plunger

A video circulating on social networks shows the moment when a nurse who proceeded to apply the COVID-19 vaccine in Parque Omar, inserted the needle into a person's arm, but did not press the plunger; and withdraws the needle from the patient's arm without actually being vaccinated.

This occurs while the nurse explains the possible reactions you may have after being immunized. The Ministry of Health indicated that they carry out the pertinent investigations.

They recommend that people be aware when attending the vaccination process.

According to the Vaccine Meter, a total of 138,557 doses have been applied until March 9, however, questions arise on social networks.

This Tuesday San Miguelito culminated, with more than 90% of older adults vaccinated according to the Ministry of Health, the vaccination process in the 8-6 circuit.

In addition, this same Tuesday, Phase 2 of vaccination began in the 8-8 circuit.


General Butler 39 days ago
Are folks waking up? Is the nurse aware of the risks, and doing humanity a great favor by offering to go through the motions so people can get the tyrannical vaccine passport without suffering the consequences of having their 'operating systems' hacked with gene therapy? Hope so. Maybe there is hope in Panama.
Oh ya 39 days ago
Well he got off luck. Not have a biological agent inserted into his body was a lucky day. The needle they are giving in Panama is not a true vaccine.


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