Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Minsa expects to vaccinate 55,000 people against COVID-19 in 8-7

Minsa expects to vaccinate 55,000 people against COVID-19 in 8-7

Israel Cedeño assured that they will not deny vaccines against COVID-19 from anyone, but they ask residents from 8-7 to come on the day of their appointment.

Approximately 55,000 people in the 8-7 circuit, among older adults, pregnant women and teachers, will be vaccinated against COVID-19, from April 21 to 24, as stated by the director of the Metropolitan Health Region, Israel Cedeño.

Cedeño made a call to the population to attend the application of the doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 according to the appointment assigned through the platform, where it is indicated date, time and place.

This, in order to avoid crowds and pusher as has been recorded the first day in some vaccination centers by circuit, "we understand that they are eager, but we have vaccines for everyone," said the doctor.

He indicated that "the vaccine is a human right and it is not denied. We will never do it, however, we advocate for citizen conscience, so that they attend the day and time that corresponds to them."

The doctor reiterated that the immunizers from Pfizer and not those from AstraZeneca will be administered during the vaccination sessions.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) enabled 14 vaccination centers in the 8-1 circuit distributed as follows:

- Township of Bella Vista, Colegio La Salle.
- Corregimiento de Calidonia, República de Chile School, Pedro Sossa School.
- Corregimiento de San Felipe, Republic of Mexico School, in Curundú, Fe y Alegría School.
- Corregimiento of El Chorrillo, Manuel José Hurtado School.
- Corregimiento de Santa Ana, National Institute.
- Corregimiento de Ancón, Guna Nega School, University of Las Américas (Udelas), Omar Torrijos Herrera School.
- Betania Township, Japan School, José Arango School, America Institute and in the Pueblo Nuevo township and Ricardo Miró School.

The Minsa reiterated that pregnant women must carry their control card and the certification of their treating doctor that authorizes them to take their first dose, older adults only have to present their personal identification, just like educators.

They should also contact line 177, as well as, to indicate the date, time and place where the vaccine should be applied.


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