Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

El Centro de atención de pacientes leves o moderados de COVID-19 ubicado en el antiguo centro Figali, en Amador, cuenta con 160 camas

Minsa: Attention Center in Figali maintains availability of beds

The director of provision of Services of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ), Yelkys Gill assured that the Center for the care of mild or moderate COVID-19 patients located in the old Figali center, in Amador, has 160 beds.
This center was enabled to alleviate the demand for care from the Santo Tomás Hospital or the Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex.

According to Gill, since its opening on August 19, 118 patients have been treated and currently it maintains 30 occupied beds (20 insured and 10 uninsured patients), 17 men and 13 women.

It is intended that all COVID-19 care centers are part of the Hospital Network where the medical directors Minsa and Caja de Seguro Social ( CSS ) present the patients and this allows the specialists receiving the transfer to know all the general rules and the medical procedure to be followed, said the director of provision in a statement.

In this sense, said Dr. Gill, the health team recommends that if the patient is in a serious condition he be taken to a third level hospital.

The Figali care center has 160 beds, advanced, positive high-flow ventilators, electric and manual beds, lecterns, bedside tables, breakfast tables, wheelchairs and all the medical equipment necessary for patient care.

In Panama Buy and as part of a transparent process it can be seen that around B / .730,000 has been invested for 160 ward beds and 40 for the Respiratory Care Unit (UCRE), in different purchases, taking into account the lower price and the best quality, Dr. Gill.

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