Saturday, May 08, 2021

Una de las guías sanitarias promulgadas guarda relación con los medios de transporte colectivo y selectivo, terminales y zonas pagas post COVID-19

Minsa approves new sanitary guidelines for different business activities

This Tuesday, several resolutions of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) were promulgated in the Official Gazette, through which the sanitary guidelines for the operation of different activities are approved.
These guidelines are strictly enforced throughout the national territory and are based on the 'General Guidelines for the Return to normalcy of post COVID-19 companies in Panama', adopted by Resolution No. 504 of May 11, 2020.

Among the resolutions is N ° 1360, which approves the health guide for means of collective and selective transport, terminals and paid areas post COVID-19.

The Resolution No. 1361, for which the health guide is approved for the operation of public and private projects construction.

The Resolution No. 1362 approving healthcare guide places of worship, such as churches, temples, churches, shrines, retreat centers, among others.

The Resolution No. 1363 by which the guide approved health measures for post operations COVID-19, of beauty and barber salons in Panama.

The Resolution No. 1364 by which the health guide for hotel operations, residential, boarding houses and similar equipment, post covid-19 is approved.

And Resolution No. 1365 that approves the health guide for the operations of funeral companies and post-COVID-19 vigil centers.

In general, all these documents establish that a Special Committee on Health and Hygiene for the Prevention and Care of COVID must be created; compliance with the Sanitary Guidance protocols; frequent hand hygiene; the use of masks, respiratory tag; physical distancing; the use of personal protective equipment PPE; cleaning and disinfection of surfaces; waste management; special hours and restriction of the number of people-teleworking; monitoring of symptoms of workers, suppliers and customers; management of work stress; company commitment, and other measures

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