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Minsa analyzes removing mandatory use of the face shield in public transport

Minsa analyzes removing mandatory use of the face shield in public transport

The Minister of Health of Panama ( Minsa ), Luis Francisco Sucre indicated in the Open Debt program the elimination of the face shield in public transport.

"Look at the problem with the MetroBus, and we are analyzing that and we have a team working on it, remember that in the Metro and MiBus there is no capacity of 50%, nor is it monitored or checked who is vaccinated and who is not, then there is a greater risk of contagion because in the peak hours, the more these transports have been opened, a lot of people agglomerate within these logically, "Sucre said.

The minister added that to avoid a chain of massive contagions, they consider leaving the mandatory use of the face shield for a longer time, but detailed that a future date is being analyzed to eliminate its use.

Minsa certifications regarding schools

Sucre also referred to the certifications of the schools for their reactivation and stressed that they already highlighted in writing that they were eliminated.

"We have been eliminating some measures ... it has already been said and it is in writing that the certification to open a school is not necessary at the moment, but that Meduca is organized and follows the order of documentation and guides to be able to reopen educational centers," Sucre said .

Bars and discos must remove their "sticker" of 100% vaccinated

Sucre pointed out that the bars and nightclubs that are reactivated are responsible for maintaining order and capacity in their premises and pointed out that when they are reactivated they must remove and sign at the Minsa facilities a sticker of 100% vaccinated and a commitment on the measures of biosecurity.

“Once the company approaches, the corresponding Regional Directorate, will receive a document where there is a commitment by that employer to enforce all the regulations in the current biosafety rules ... They will be given a sticker that will say 100% vaccinated, first of all so that the client who wants to enter a store of this type knows that this store is complying with these regulations, ”said the Minister of Health.

The minister added that each businessman has to be responsible for the safety of his clients and stressed that what cannot be admitted is that they say that all those who are going to enter are vaccinated and they really are not.


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