Thursday, May 13, 2021

Recorrido realizado por las instalaciones del antiguo Centro de Convenciones Figali, donde estuvo el ministro de Salud Luis Francisco Sucrea compañado por su equipo de trabajo

Minsa: 105 of 120 beds enabled in Figali for patients with COVID-19 are occupied

The director of the Figali Convention Center for COVID-19 patient care, Sharomay Osma reported this Sunday that, of 120 enabled beds, 105 are occupied.
Osma's statements were made during a tour of the facilities of the old Figali Convention Center , located in Amador, where the Minister of Health (Minsa) of Panama Luis Francisco Sucre was, accompanied by his work team to verify the operation of the patient care system.

Sucre indicated that up to now 3 rooms have been enabled and a fourth remains with 40 beds available, all properly equipped for the care of patients who do not require intensive care.

He added that foreign specialists are supporting the Panamanian medical personnel who serve in that infrastructure following all the rules established by the Panamanian authorities in the management of patients affected by the virus.

During the inspection by Figali, Sucre said that he visited and listened to the testimonies of the patients receiving care and those who have already been discharged.

Sucre urged the population to follow self-care measures to prevent contagion by COVID-19 and also avoid sanctions, since Panama faces a very difficult situation due to the pandemic.

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