Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Minister Juan Pino: Panama is a safe country, but gang rivalry is a problem

Minister Juan Pino: Panama is a safe country, but gang rivalry is a problem

Security Minister Juan Pino assured that a strategy is being maintained with the Public Ministry to capture people linked to organized crime.
The Minister of Security of Panama, Juan Pino insisted that Panama is a safe country, but rivalry between criminal organizations make it seem otherwise.

“There is no security issue in the country, but if there is a problem with rival gangs, Panamanian criminal organizations that fight for drugs and as they are rival gangs that at one point belonged to a group and have fractured the fight is territory, it which is drug trafficking and the sale of drugs on the street, they have their own laws," said Minister Pino.

He assured that they maintain a strategy with the Public Ministry (MP), to place these people at the orders of the corresponding authorities.

According to Minister Pino, the estates have carried out high-impact operations and the seizure of drugs this year has been historic.

He indicated that he has asked the National Police (PN) to reinforce actions and give priority to the San Miguelito sector.

" There is security, and commitment to security" he reaffirmed.

Juan Pino ruled out resigning from the post of Minister of Security in the face of criticism for the latest homicides registered in the country.

"I have not committed any illegal act to resign, I am doing my job that corresponds to me and this requires transparency and strength because we know that when you step on organized crime many times you know you are treading," he said.

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