Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Minister Sucre: Private hospitals will begin vaccination in the following weeks

Minister Sucre: Private hospitals will begin vaccination in the following weeks

The Health Minister pointed out that there are already private hospitals that have offered to participate in the vaccination process.
The head of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ), Luis Francisco Sucre announced this Wednesday that private hospitals will join the continuous vaccination strategy now that a large number of doses of anticovid vaccines have arrived in the country with a view to expediting immunization in all of Panama.

"We are going to be working with some private hospitals that have been offered to vaccinate a part of the population, we are going to be working in schools at the same time of the self-rapid and we are evaluating as well as we already have some shopping centers vaccinating as well for private companies we are going to continue expanding this coverage," said the person in charge of the Minsa.

Sucre stressed that all these strategies are discussed in the NOC Vacunas, which is chaired by President Laurentino Cortizo.

Regarding the time in which private hospitals will begin vaccination, the minister pointed out that this will take place within the next two weeks, once these entities have presented their vaccination plans.

It should be noted that Panama received this week 363 thousand Pfizer vaccines from direct bilateral negotiation, 503,100 doses of Pfizer donated by the United States and it is expected to receive 100,000 more from the same pharmaceutical house through the Covax mechanism tonight.

Captain 439 days ago
Well done …roll out these Life Shots as fast as possible. There is no evidence of widespread negative reaction to the vaccines. There are however widespread misinformation campaigns run by Russia and China to destabilise western democracies by pushing fake information. Don’t listen to Mike or others spreading lies . Get the life shot and get at least 88% protection from this dreadful disease. Be thankful we have that choice , Mike offers nothing but fake information and lies.
mike 439 days ago
Stop the vaccination !! The vaccine is toxic and kills people worldwide!


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