Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

El año escolar terminará en diciembre, anuncia la ministra de Educación

Minister of Education: the school year will end in December

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, announced that the 2020 school year, affected by the coronavirus pandemic, will end in December.
We have made the decision that the school year that begins on July 20 ends in December, to have a strengthened 2021, that begins on February 8 of school organization and, on February 22, begins with six weeks of leveling and reinforcement, totally diagnostic, said the Minister.

The statements of the head of Education were given at the seventh intersectoral meeting for the return to classes from July 20, which will be remote, staggered and gradual, according to a statement from the Ministry of Education.

Classes in the country, both in the public and private sectors, began on March 2, but with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire process was suspended temporarily since March 11.

It should be noted that weeks later, dozens of private schools continued to teach virtually, which subsequently led to meetings between educational authorities, owners of private schools and parents.

In the end, the education sector had to meet a series of requirements for its virtual teaching plans to be approved.

According to the latest Meduca report, nearly 250 private schools had complied with the request.

Meanwhile, in the public sector, a plan to return to remote classes has been developed for about three months, starting on July 20.

Prior to this, Meduca also implemented classes through the media, as part of a plan to keep the teaching-learning process active.

In the entity's statement at the intersectoral meeting - virtually - Minister Gorday de Villalobos reiterated that this restart of classes comprises three phases: the first with "curricular services outside of school, all done since March 12 that schools were closed; the second, the school year at home; and the third part is the beginning of 2021 ″.

For the restart of classes, from July 20, the Meduca presented on Monday, June 22, the virtual platform ESTER.

It was reported that the first phase of the 'ESTER' platform will equip average students and teachers with special attention, from the 32,476 graduates of 230 schools.

In addition, this first phase will cost 30 million dollars, which includes the platform, content development and equipment for twelfth grade students.

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