Sunday, May 09, 2021

Las clases en Panamá fueron suspendidas debido a la pandemia del covid-19

Minister of Education: Gradual return to blended classes could begin on April 12

The Minister of Education of Panama, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos announced that on April 12 the gradual return to blended classes could begin, under the alternative or hybrid modality.
We have already presented to the minister (Luis Sucre) and his legal team the variant of the Executive decree and we are receiving a response between today and tomorrow and possibly on April 12 we could start the progressive, staggered, gradual process and with all the biosafety regulations, said the Minister of Education exclusively to the Radiography program that is broadcast on ECO TV and RPC Radio.

Villalobos explained that the gradual return is related to those places where the contagion rate of covid-1 9 has remained low and will be accompanied by the covid-19 school committees, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the return plan.

She clarified that it will be voluntary: if a parent has doubts, fears or the children have any condition that prevents them from going, the school will guarantee that support as it has already been doing. That is important to be clear about it and that they do not feel pressure today.

She explained that they would start blended classes between 20% or 30% of schools that have already received their certifications, and have health committees.

She indicated that return is being promoted in schools with less than 100 to 25 students, since the distance exists in the educational environment.

The decree also proposes that the use of a uniform is not mandatory: understanding that there has been a severe economic crisis and we are not going to impose that requirement this school year under this modality, said the minister.

She mentioned that the bilateral table made up of some 14 magisterial unions were informed about the plans for gradual return. The teachers that make up these unions have requested that biosafety, vaccination and a staggered return be guaranteed.

Recently, the National Government installed the Schools 2021 National Operation Center, through which 824 official educational centers will be impacted with repair work, in order to ensure that they are in conditions for the progressive start of blended classes.

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