Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Minister Alexander: Panama has committed $102 million for vaccines against Covid-19

Minister Alexander: Panama has committed $102 million for vaccines against Covid-19

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Héctor Alexander, detailed this Monday, July 26, that Panama has committed approximately 102 million dollars for the acquisition of vaccines against Covid-19.
According to the official, part of that amount has already been paid to the pharmaceutical companies and the rest is pending, especially from the remittances that will continue to arrive.

Alexander recalled that the country has purchased 9.2 million vaccines to combat the new coronavirus pandemic. "That implies that they have vaccines ... for their entire population."

"From the beginning as a ministry we said that there would not be a lack of resources for the issue of vaccines and that it was better that there would be plenty of vaccines, that they will be lacking," he emphasized.

The official recalled that the vaccine is one of the main elements in public health, not only for Panama.

Panama last Friday, July 23, exceeded the 2 million doses of anticovid vaccines administered since January 20, when the first batch of Pfizer biological arrived.

This Monday it was known that the strategic plan for vaccination against Covid-19 registered a record, reaching 439,527 doses applied in five days, that is, from July 21 to 25.

Last week 967,582 doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine arrived in the country and this week 450,000 more are expected from the pharmaceutical duo. In addition, AstraZeneca is expected to ship 163 thousand doses in the first week of August.

Colon Boy 55 days ago
Please who do not understand science are stuck in medieval times. Science evolves........xrays, polio vaccination, and medicine are always evolving and mRNA is no different. Several vaccines are in phase 3 clinical trials for Zika, Ebola and other viruses, the science of mRNA is nothing new. Dont be influenced by those who do not understand science and medicine or crappy YouTube videos and garbage websites. Listen to your medical provider and not those spreading misinformation.
Oh ya 55 days ago
This guy calls it vaccines yet the manufacturers call it gene therapy. I am going with the manufacturer as it id a experimental biological agent never used on humans before and with very bad results for the last 20 yrs on lab animals as they have tried to make a mRNA vaccine


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