Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

MIDA urges rice farmers to enroll in SIGAP to receive compensation payment

MIDA urges rice farmers to enroll in SIGAP to receive compensation payment

June 30, 2022, is the deadline for receiving files to request compensation for the non-refundable financial resource for the 2021-2022 cycle.
The producers of rice interested in the benefit of the non - refundable financial resources of $7.50 per quintal sold in shell, wet and dirty, in the 2021-2022 agricultural cycle, must enroll in the Integrated Management System Agropecuaria (SIGAP) This was reported by the Ministry of Agricultural Development ( MIDA ).

According to the MIDA, producers will have to comply with the “registration procedure in the Agency of the entity closest to their farm or production area”.

The document details "that it is the responsibility of the Panamanian State, and in particular of MIDA, to guarantee the population's food security, ensuring an adequate supply of food in quantity, opportunity, quality and affordable prices for the different social strata," according to a statement .

For registration in the SIGAP, the producer must communicate in the MIDA agency, the address of the land and other data for the identification of the farm, and the extension agent will carry out the due field inspection to verify the information, in order to prepare a technical report that must be signed by the producer and the extension agent.

They add that once the information has been verified and confirmed in the field inspection, the extension agent enters the data in the SIGAP, and it is passed to the Head of the Agency for approval, granting him an identification number, which will be called the Unique Agricultural Registry ( RUA).

Article 5 of Law 107 of November 21, 2013, establishes that MIDA has the function of making the necessary resources available to ensure the operation of the program, which will be fed by allocations from the Special Interest Compensation Fund. (FECI) and the items assigned for this purpose in the General State Budget.

In the resolution, it is indicated that it is necessary to extend the support granted by the State, through MIDA in order to help stabilize the purchase and sale price per quintal of rice produced in the national territory for the agricultural cycle 2021-2022.

The deadline to receive the files to request the compensation of the non-reimbursable financial resource for the agricultural cycle 2021-2022 is June 30, 2022.

The Office of the National Directorate of Incentives and Trust (DINIFI) is responsible for the procedure for payment to rice producers and must receive, review and analyze all applications submitted by producers interested in benefiting from the non-reimbursable financial resource of B /.7.50 per quintal of rice, complying with the procedure established in the Procedures Manual for these purposes.

To maintain the sustainability of rice cultivation, the National Government through MIDA agreed with the leaders of the country's rice producers' unions, an exceptional support of B / .2.00 balboas in addition to the price of the quintal of this grain, in order to help to producers affected by the fluctuations in international prices as a result of Covid-19 and to maintain the sustainability of grain production.

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