Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

MICI has validated over 600,000 safe conducts

MICI has validated over 600,000 safe conducts

Yuealy Singh, National Director of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama (MICI), announced that their platform has already validated more than 600,000 safe conducts.
The platform began to receive several requests from companies, and they have already exceeded 600 thousand safe conducts, said Singh.

The director noted that the safe-conducts have been validated since the quarantine began at the national level and that after the opening of Blocks 1 and 2 the numbers have increased.

Singh also stressed that for those natural persons who are within the permitted tasks, but who do not have an operation notice, they can send their data and request a safe-conduct document explaining their situation to the

To the companies that have already validated their data on the platform, the director recommended not to enter their data again, given that they are already registered.

Regarding humanitarian safe conducts are issued by the Ministry of Health, since those that the MICI validates are only for mobility due to labor issues, said Singh.

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