Monday, Mar 01, 2021

México suma más de 1300 contagios y 93 muertes en 24 horas

Mexico: 1383 new infections and 93 deaths in 24 hours

Mexico reported 93 deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday, bringing the number of fatalities to 2,154 in the country, health authorities reported.
During Sunday, 1,383 new confirmed cases of the new virus strain were also registered, bringing the official figure to a total of 23,471 infections.

Of Mexico’s 32 federal entities, only two have registered fewer than 100 cases, deputy health minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell told a news conference.

However, estimates by the authorities indicate that there could be a little more than 100,000 additional cases with mild unaccounted-for symptoms in the country.

So far the virus has infected 3.6 million people and killed 349,000 worldwide and threatens to trigger a deep global recession.

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