Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Durante la primera semana de abril se capacitarán a 400 facilitadores de los equipos técnicos de los Gabinetes Psicopedagógicos

Meduca will begin training teachers on sexuality and affectivity guides in April

The Ministry of Education (Meduca) of Panama announced that during the first week of April this year they will begin virtual trainings of the guides on sexuality and affectivity, aimed at facilitators from 12 educational regions of the country.
This, after government sectors and civil society validated the guidelines.

The training will begin with a total of 400 facilitators from the technical teams of the Psychopedagogical Cabinets and, later, they will do it with around 600 teachers from all regions of the country.

According to Meduca, “this pedagogical proposal consists of five didactic guides aimed at parents for the orientation and training in matters of education in sexuality and affectivity of their children, for students of general basic primary education (1 ° -6 °), pre-middle (7th - 9th), middle (10th - 12th) and a guide aimed at pregnant adolescents, adolescent mothers and their fathers, mothers or guardians ”.

The guides have a content framed in scientific, ethical, social, emotional and pedagogical aspects, indicated Meduca.

The entity explained that this project seeks to provide children, adolescents and parents or guardians with guidance and information on sexuality and affectivity to promote their physical and mental health.

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