Sunday, Nov 28, 2021

Meduca will allow face-to-face graduation events

Meduca will allow face-to-face graduation events

Meduca clarified that graduation dances or dinners are not contemplated. The ceremonies will be from December 20 to 30.
After being analyzed for several months, the Ministry of Education ( Meduca ) and the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will allow the realization of face-to-face graduation ceremonies for this 2021.

However, the head of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, said that this measure may vary depending on the epidemiological behavior of COVID-19 and the indications of the Minsa.

Previously, Gorday clarified that many schools , due to the expenses involved in a face-to-face graduation, will maintain their graduations in a virtual way. "Approximately 20% of the more than 136 schools of the official mid-level sector have said that they are going to maintain and they will make virtual graduations ... and many other schools with an international calendar have already made their virtual graduations," he said.

In 2020, some graduation events were held virtually, while in the classroom, a capacity of 25% of the area was allowed, and the use of masks was mandatory, as well as the physical distance of 2 meters; However, for this 2021 the capacity or other measures have not yet been specified.

In accordance with the 2021 school calendar, graduations will take place from Monday, December 20 to Thursday, December 30.

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