Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Maradona evoluciona de la cirugía y Messi le manda ‘toda la fuerza del mundo’

Maradona goes through surgery; Messi sends him 'all the strength in the world'

Soccer legend Diego Maradona goes through surgery without any complications on Wednesday, after doctors discovered a hematoma on his head. An operation that touched the hearts of the fans, and that deserved a warm message of encouragement from Lionel Messi.
He is without neurological deficit. The evolution proceeds without any complications. It has an excellent postoperative period. We removed the drain, said his personal physician and surgeon, Leopoldo Luque, at the door of the Olivos sanatorium, north of Buenos Aires, where the operation was performed and where he remains in intensive care.

At this delicate moment of his health, the 'number 10' received from 'another number 10' and compatriot an emotional greeting through the networks. “Diego, all the strength in the world. My family and I want to see you well as soon as possible. A hug from the heart! ”, Said FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.

We don't talk about sequelae, we don't see that kind of complication, Luque said about the idol who had surgery six days after turning 60.

The fans suffered and prayed for the emblematic captain of the Albiceleste and displayed large flags with his image and the legend "Force Diego!", Among others.

Maradona had been hospitalized on Monday in La Plata, south of the capital, due to anemia and dehydration, until the subdural hematoma was detected.

The football world breathed a sigh of relief with the announcement of Luque, his personal physician and one of the surgeons.

Diego will continue to be observed. The hematoma was successfully evacuated. Diego tolerated the surgery well. It is well and controlled, he announced.

The operation lasted one hour and 20 minutes. While the coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata was in the operating room, dozens of fans suffered, prayed and left messages of encouragement to their idol at the door of the sanatorium.

His personal lawyer, Matías Morla, confirmed the success of the surgery: Diego is well and continues his recovery, he told the press this Wednesday morning at the doors of the clinic.

Morla revealed that Diego was going through a depression when the bruise was detected.

He had a strange behavior, he was very depressed and he made comments about relatives who had passed away, that he missed them, he said.

According to him, it is a clinical picture of depression linked to birthdays and the circumstances of the pandemic.

Maradona who was an artist and magician with the ball had five children, two of them, Dalma and Gianinna, with his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe. The two are dissatisfied with the people around their father, but although a rumor indicated that they were seeking his tutelage, Dalma categorically denied it.

How miserable you have to be to invent alliances and requests for guardianship, is it too much to ask that they not speak on behalf of my sister and me when we never said what we were going to do? Dalma posted on social networks, at the same time that thanked fans for their support.

They both visited him at the clinic. I just got out of the clinic and I just want to thank everyone for the constant displays of love for my dad, my sister and me, thanks to everyone who prayed for him, added Dalma.

His other children, from extramarital affairs, are Jana, 24, Diego Junior, 34, and Diego Fernando, 7. Jana cultivates an organic garden for him in the garden, so that the “Pelusa” can eat healthier.

Morla assures that there are at least three other children in Cuba, not yet recognized.

Maradona has undergone surgery on more than one occasion, sometimes in dramatic situations. His life was in danger from heart and respiratory ailments in 2000 and 2004. Not long ago he had surgery on one knee in the same private sanatorium.

Excesses and addictions were the origin of his health emergencies.

He did not look well on Friday during a celebration for his birthday, to which he was presented surprisingly at the Gymnastics stadium.

He walked with difficulty and left before the 'Lobo' from La Plata thrashed Patronata 3-0.

Covid-19 was also the reason why Maradona had to remain confined to his home as he was a risk patient.

At the 'Lobo' stadium they received him with hugs and kisses that were not convenient due to his condition. "They have to take more care of him and set limits," declared Fernando Signorini, who was his personal trainer.

Maradona has been able to overcome his addiction to hard drugs years ago, although he continues to consume alcohol and is medicated with tranquilizers and anxiolytics.

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