Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

El hombre fue aprehendido el martes en Cerro Batea

Man who was recorded mistreating a baby placed under provisional arrest

This Wednesday the Guarantees hearing was held for the man who was caught mistreating an 11-month-old baby, who was imposed the precautionary measure of provisional detention for the crime of child abuse.
In addition, in the case of mistreatment of his partner, the aggressor was charged another charge for gender violence.

The man appeared today before the judicial proceeding, after being captured yesterday by units of the National Police, in Sector 4 of Cerro Batea, district of San Miguelito.

In a video that circulated on social networks, it is observed when the aggressor gives the minor several blows after having an argument with his partner and the girl's mother.

The man, who according to the authorities is a foreigner, was arrested in the early morning of December 25 in the Altos de Tocumen sector, however he was released.

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