Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Man linked to the killing of Ken Karasawa arrested

Man linked to the killing of Ken Karasawa arrested

The 25-year-old man linked to the killing of Ken Karasawa at Milla 8 will be brought before a Warrant Judge for a hearing in the next few hours.

The Public Ministry reported this Wednesday on the apprehension of a person allegedly linked to the murder of 36-year-old graphic designer Ken Karasawa, which occurred last Sunday in the sector of Milla 8 in San Miguelito district.

The arrest was carried out in the early morning hours in the Belisario Frías district, after multiple procedures carried out by the Public Ministry and the Directorate of Judicial Investigation. The victim's vehicle was also located in the Ernesto Córdoba Campos district last Monday night.

At a press conference, Rafael Baloyes, superior prosecutor for Homicide and Femicide of the Metropolitan area, stated that they worked as a team “in order to establish a link between the perpetrator of the fact, and indeed after having collected different elements of conviction, which become evidence, we have managed to link one of the people who committed the act. "

He reiterated that the location of the Mazda X5 vehicle, CX5 model of the year 2016, red, with plate AT5337, was also achieved.

"The person who is linked to the event was selling the vehicle, so with this, by working together, in less than 48 hours we have managed to capture this person who is fully linked to this homicide case," said Baloyes.

According to the MP, the apprehension of the 25-year-old person was achieved after a citizen complaint to the National Police and after a joint effort with the Homicide and Femicide Section of the Metropolitan area, the San Miguelito Prosecutor's Office and the DIJ agents.


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