Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Man Finds 35,000th Diamond At Arkansas Park In US

Man Finds 35,000th Diamond At Arkansas Park In US

Scott Kreykes was sifting through the dirt at diamond crater park and took it home, where he found the diamond.

A man in the United States created a record when he found a diamond at Crater of Diamonds Park in Arkansas, according to a report in Boston 25 News. It was Scott Kreykes' 50th diamond this year and 35,000th to be registered at the park, the outlet further said. In a release, the park said that Mr Kreykes has found and registered more than 80 diamonds. The latest one was dug out by him a week ago. The park's release further said that Mr Kreykes first began digging at the site four years ago.

According to park officials, Mr Kreykes was sifting dirt in the diamond search area and took the sifted gravel to home to re-examine it later. There, he found a small diamond, which he brought to the park to have it officially registered on September 6.

Park officials registered the find as a four-point white diamond. The precious gems that are smaller than a carat are weighed in points, with 100 points being equal to one carat, according to the press release.

"Each visitor that comes to the park is allowed to take one 5-gallon bucket of sifted gravel home with them per day. Some visitors like to resift their gravel at home or wait for it to dry to look for the metallic shine of a diamond," Park Interpreter Tayler Markham told the Texarkana Gazette.

Park officials said Mr Kreykes' milestone find earned him a free, two-night stay at their premises.

When the Dierks resident heard the news, he told the staff that he had goosebumps, according to the press release. Mr Kreykes named his diamond Leo, after his grandson, the release further said.


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