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Lee Kuan Yew on Afghanistan, in 2009, 12 years before USA and UK lost the war to the Taliban

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Lee Kuan Yew stated very clear, publicly on CBS interview with Charlie Rose on 2009, what USA and UK with all their army and intelligence power realized only 12 years later, after sacrificing life’s of their soldiers simply for nothing, and wasting trillions of dollars of their tax payers money, instead of recovering their bankrupt education and healthcare services back home.
Lee Kuan Yew, often referred to by his initials LKY, was a Singaporean founding father who served as Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990.

The micro City-State he founded, became one of the richest, safest nation on earth, with the best education system, health care and quality of living.

His early and accurate prediction shows once again, the huge gap between the wisdom of Asia leaders comparing to the emptiness of western politicians.

What can the leaders of the United States and Britain say to all the thousands of mothers who lost their children's life in the war for nothing?

What can the leaders of the United States and Britain now say to all the soldiers who returned from Afghanistan wounded, disabled and mentally ill? Those whose whole future was wonderful and they lost all their chance to ever be healthy and happy, for the sake of protecting nothing.

If any military man thinks a soldier must risk his life and the lives of others, and carry out every order without thinking, without making sure it is right and proper, it is a military man who shames the uniform he wears. It is a military man who betrays the values of democracy to which he is committed. This is a military man who does not deserve the trust of the parents who entrust him with the lives of their children, and does not deserve the trust of the taxpayer who pays his wages. It is a military man who expects his soldiers to be stupid enough to carry out orders that endanger their lives for nothing, as was the case in Vietnam and Afghanistan. This is a military man who should not be surprised that his army loses the war over and over again.

The blame is not, of course, on the soldiers. In their innocence, the soldiers mistakenly believed in the honesty that was never inside all those who sent them to die for nothing. They mistakenly thought they were protecting their homeland. They never knew that in fact they were just wasting taxpayer money to destroy others, misusing tax payers money and resources that was supposed to be used to rehabilitate their own destroyed education and broken health system back home?

Those innocent and highly motivated soldiers mistakenly believed in the politicians who sent them to sacrifice their lives for nothing, while these politicians enjoyed a life of luxury and pleasures from their super comfort zone.

Those soldiers have never been educated with basic democratic values, values that will teach them that it is their right to ask and understand and be convinced, BEFORE going to die, for what exactly they are being sent to sacrifice their lives. Not to be blind who are led to their deaths by the blinds, just as it happens exactly the same before, when USA lost the war for nothing, in Vietnam.

Saddam Hussein's Iraq has never been a perfect country, just as the United States, Britain and Europe have never been perfect. But the war made Iraq much less secure and much more miserable than it was before the war. So are Yemen, Libya, and Afghanistan.

China is not perfect country, but with many advantages that Western countries do not have. Just as in Western countries there are advantages that for China will take a few more years before they too will have. Or not. This is their own business, not something that countries with bigger internal problems are able to solve or even understand.

Albert Einstein once said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

So? maybe it's finally the time to stop pointing fingers on others and start learn how to recover the corrupted political system, the fake economy, the broken democracy, and to finally unite the divided society with self love instead of hating all the others.

It’s time for the west to use the loyal services members of the US and UK army to save their own country from inside instead of sending them to sacrifice their life in order to deal with non of their business and useless missions. It's time to use the quality army and loyal members to save life ,wild fire, flood and corruption, to name a few, instead of just destroying millions of other people's lives.

NATO should protect its members from the politicians who destroys their countries more than any external enemy.

Because EU, UK and USA all together, democracy they are not, free they are not, and safe they are not. Just a bunch of useless politicians and corrupted bureaucrats that pointing their dirty fingers on others.

It's time to establish the democratic way to impeach all those who ever supported the war in Afghanistan. It's time to start building the safe and rich and modern USA, UK and Europe, as it can be, and as the world desperately need them to be.

* I left the military when it became clear to me that the damage I have been ordered to cause was greater than the good I had mistakenly thought I was doing.

A lot of my friends stayed in the army. They managed to kill a lot, and eventually came back in a coffin or physically disabled, or mentally disordered.

What an army needs for wining a war is soldiers who trust their leadership and believe in what they are doing.
That’s why the Taliban won and that’s why we’ve lost.

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