Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

Law initiative proposes chemical castration for rapists of minors

Law initiative proposes chemical castration for rapists of minors

Chemical castration is a medical treatment by which an individual is given certain medications intended to inhibit sexual desire.
A bill through which the application of the penalty of chemical castration for rapists of minors is proposed, was presented by Deputy Fátima Agrazal.

"The objective of this law is to create the mandatory penalty of hormonal inhibition of sexual desire or chemical castration for rapists or abusers of children and adolescents," the document indicates.

It explains that chemical castration is a medical treatment by which certain drugs or chemical substances intended to inhibit sexual desire are given to an individual on a regular basis, in this case the rapist or sexual abuser effectively prosecuted and convicted.

Through this preliminary draft, the amendment of Article 175 of the Penal Code is proposed, which would read as follows: Article 175-B “In the event of a conviction in any of the crimes of violation of sexual freedom provided for in Articles 174 and 175 of the Penal Code, the judge may previously request a medical report, as long as the offense has been detrimental to a person under 10 years of age. If the agent is a repeat offender or habitual, the chemical castration measure will be mandatory.”

In addition, the document proposes the creation of a register of convicted minor rapists and abusers, as a database in charge of the Judicial Branch, which must contain the following information: Full name of the convicted person, age, identification number , passport-type face photograph, address, penalty imposed, penalty replacement if applicable.

It also establishes the modification of Article 30 of Law 55 of July 30, 2003, so that those convicted of crimes related to sexual freedom can receive therapeutic treatment by suitable specialists.

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