Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

En esta investigación hay 9 personas imputadas por el homicidio de siete moradores de la comunidad de El Terrón

Judge of Guarantees raised complex investigations for homicides of pregnant women in El Terrón

The Public Ministry (MP) of Bocas del Toro reported this afternoon that a Judge of Guarantees raised the investigations into a complex cause for the death of seven people related to an alleged religious sect that operated in the community of El Terrón, Santa Catalina, Ngäbe region Bugle.
According to Juvencio Caballero Solé, the coordinating prosecutor of the Homicide and Femicide Section of the Bocas del Toro Regional Prosecutor's Office, it was argued that within this investigation there are multiple considerations that led the MP to request that the investigation be declared as a complex cause.

The MP points out considerations such as: the number of victims (7 victims), the number of defendants (9 people), all with a precautionary measure of provisional detention. In addition, there are three crimes investigated, these being: homicide, femicide and deprivation of liberty.

Caballero Solé added that the Prosecutor's Office has pending other judicial proceedings, which are essential for the investigation.

So far, investigations have shown that the accused, all nationals from the Ngäbe Buglé region and residents of El Terrón, were members of a religious sect called by them "Church of God."

The investigation began in January 2020, when seven corpses, six minors and an adult in a state of pregnancy were found inside a common grave.

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