Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

Journalist Flor Mizrachi files a complaint with the MP after threats

Journalist Flor Mizrachi files a complaint with the MP after threats

Flor Mizrachi indicated that the threats could be related to the revelations she made about the clandestine vaccination in Coco del Mar.

The journalist Flor Mizrachi , author of the notes that revealed the plot of the clandestine vaccination against COVID-19 that took place in a building in Coco del Mar, visited the Public Ministry of Panama (MP) this morning after receiving several threats by telephone and through social media.

Mizrachi explained, prior to entering the MP's facilities, that since Tuesday she has been receiving threats, in which they indicate that she is going to be kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered for her publications.

"Since Tuesday I have been receiving anonymous calls that warn me that I must take care of my life and last night, Thursday I received a written message that says:

'I want to kidnap you, torture you and rape you until you die for publishing what does not concern you, put a lot of attention we belong to the band Calor, Calor and I have all your movements located, I know where you live, at what time you leave and enter your house and all your family, your mother, brothers and more, we have staff everywhere in Panama, each sector And each neighborhood, play alive, we have you watched day and night. Be careful!'

"said Mizrachi.

The journalist added that she has to take care of herself and that the threats may be linked to the report and the questions she has made about the clandestine vaccination that occurred in recent days.


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