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Jenny Thomas’ texts leave GOP lawmakers faltering

Jenny Thomas’ texts leave GOP lawmakers faltering

Text messages from Jenny Thomas to the former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows 6 panel members to advance contempt of Navarro proceedings Scavino chief justice calls on Judge Thomas to step down January 6 cases.
Judge Thomas remotely engages in oral arguments amid ongoing scrutiny More The Capitol riots, which preceded January 6, 2021, raised questions about the extent of their activism within the Republican Party.

It also left Republican lawmakers grappling with how to respond to Thomas and her husband, a Supreme Court justice Clarence ThomasClarence Thomas Chief Justice calls on Judge Thomas to step down on cases January 6, Judge Thomas remotely engages in oral arguments amid ongoing scrutiny Hill Morning Report – Biden: ‘No’ policy for regime change in Russia More.

Thomas sent a total of 21 text messages to Meadows, then the president’s chief of staff, urging him to find a way to retain the former president. President TrumpDonald Trump Trump issues statement claiming a hole-in-one in Florida Pelosi session: ‘I fear for our democracy’ if Republicans win House votes on Jan. 6 to push contempt measures Navarro, Scavino More in the office.

Her efforts may have gone beyond her letters to Meadows. NBC News reported that Thomas also reached out to an aide on the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative grouping in the House, asking its members to take to the streets.

A Republican Study Committee aide disputed this characterization, but acknowledged the existence of an exchange with Thomas: “It’s a misleading description of a single employee’s account who left an email exchange 15 months ago,” the aide said.

Thomas has been a regular presence in conservative activism circles for years. But her activities were not widely questioned until recently, when a New Yorker profile and subsequent release of text messages highlighted her involvement with “Stop the Steal” groups and suggested ways to try to cancel the election.

Her contact with Republican supporters of Trump also scrutinizes her husband, who is facing increasing calls from Democrats to disqualify himself from issues related to the Capitol riots. Many Republicans see the Supreme Court as their best opportunity to derail the House investigation into the attack, underlining its importance.

It also appears increasingly likely that Jenny Thomas will be called to testify before the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

“Based on the evidence in our possession, I feel very confident to call her to the committee, and if she declines, I am very confident that a subpoena will be issued,” the deputy said. Benny ThompsonBenny Gordon-Thompson 6 panel members to advance Navarro contempt proceedings Judge Scavino rules Trump’s efforts to overturn an election likely show Trump’s former criminal personal aide ahead of Jan. 6 hearing More (D-Miss.), chair of the select committee, told CBS this week.

Thomas’ texts included shouts to Representatives Louis Gommert (Texas) and Paul GosarPaul Anthony Gosar Partial Democratic PAC launches ads partly in Ukrainian in key states The Hill’s Morning Report – Jackson responds to attacks; Biden to Europe The Republican Party in the United House is aiming more to get everyone on the same page more (Ariz.), two conservative Republicans identified by Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander as central to this effort, as well as mentioning well-known conservative lawmakers. Jim JordanJames (Jim) Daniel Jordan Juan Williams: GOP shows his true face, Jesus lays groundwork for GOP investigation into Hunter Biden laptop story, McCarthy confident GOP convention will make him speaker if Republicans go back to the House More (Ohio) and Chip RoyCharles (Chip) Eugene Roy Here are the 8 Republicans who voted against ending normal trade relations with Russia 16 House Republicans voted against a bill to promote education in concentration camps Congress should strengthen protections against internal trade by its members and their families More (Texas).

In a text message to Meadows on November 6, 2020, Thomas expressed frustration that members of Congress had not done more to support Trump: “Members of the House and Senate are pathetic too… Only 4 Republican House members have been seen marching in the streets with roots …Gawhart, Jordan, Gosar, and Roy.”

Several Republican congressmen are familiar with Thomas, but have not made it clear if she sent them the same messages about the election upset that she sent to Meadows in the period between the 2020 election and the January 6 rebellion.

re come back. Andy BiggsAndy Bigsjob Lawmakers Turn Slap of Will Smith into Anti-Biden Memoirs Slap of Will Smith at Oscars Unlocks Helicon Valley Political and Entertainment Worlds – Historic Amazon Vote More (R-Arizona), who was the House Liberty Caucus chair at the time, told reporters he couldn’t remember whether he texted or emailed Thomas, saying their relationship wasn’t very close.

“I probably spoke to her once, not anything specific,” Gommert said. The Washington Post reported that Thomas sent materials to Meadows that she said she obtained from Johart’s chief of staff.

He called Roy Thomas a “dear friend,” but ultimately took a very different stance on the “stop the robbery” effort than she did by vetoing the sitting of House members from states with electoral disputes. It was a statement by Roy to criticize a plan by his colleagues to veto the certification of the Electoral College’s results.

“I won’t describe any private conversations I had with Jenny,” Roy said. He added that Thomas “has been involved in defending her country for years”, criticizing calls for her husband to be sued.

While some on the January 6 committee declined to comment on Thomas, others were outspoken about the need to listen.

“We’ve interviewed more than 750 people, and we want to hear from everyone who has something to say. She clearly interacted frequently with the president’s chief of staff and was actively involved in efforts to have the election canceled,” Rep. Jaime Raskin (D-MD) told reporters on Monday. Monday, when I speak as a single member, I think it’s important to hear from her.

Raskin retracted Republican arguments that downplayed her activism.

“Well, you know, look, she has a First Amendment right just like everyone else in the country does to advance her political views, but she has no more right than anyone else in the country to get involved in coups and rebellions, so I’m interested in what exactly she was doing.”

In the three decades Clarence Thomas has been on the podium, he has never stepped down from a case due to a real or perceived conflict of interest arising from his wife’s political activities.

And he refused to step down on several pro-Trump legal challenges that challenged the 2020 findings. Earlier this year, he cast his only dissenting vote on a Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for the Jan. 6 panel to obtain Trump’s records in the White House.

re come back. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezEnergy-CortezE Energy and Environment – Biden seeks nearly 1 billion funding payments to environmental organizations EPA reveals ‘Green New Deal pledge’ for 2022 candidates Pelosi backs Cuellar, says ‘I don’t know what’ FBI raid More (DN.Y.) He was the last lawmaker to call for his impeachment Tuesday morning, while another 22 progressive lawmakers issued a letter calling for him to step down from any case on Jan. 6.

But Republicans argued that Thomas’ work could be decoupled.

“We were told, though Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Bader Ginsburg House passes a bill honoring Ginsburg and O’Connor with Capitol statues platters of the former Georgetown coach on top tennis players on the Supreme Court.“Her husband – his activities, it is absolutely wrong to presume the husband’s feelings before justice,” Johart told The Hill.

“Thus, I think what we are seeing is utter hypocrisy on the part of those calling for his removal. I think it would do great damage to a woman’s progress. Because he says that if you are a conservative woman, you should go barefoot into the kitchen.”

Likewise Biggs described her as the “independent person”.

“She lives her life. She has her opinions,” he said. “They don’t necessarily agree with his opinions. There is no indication that they had any influence on Judge Thomas whatsoever.”

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