Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Israel Cedeño warns that the population has relaxed in compliance with the rules to avoid infections

Israel Cedeño warns that the population has relaxed in compliance with the rules to avoid infections

Reiterating that the rebound in Covid-19 cases is within what was expected, the director of the Metropolitan Health Region, Israel Cedeño, warned that the population has unfortunately relaxed in compliance with the rules to stop the virus.
Cedeño recalled that Health personnel continue on the streets to diagnose cases and that it is important that the population take care of itself because otherwise the cases will continue to increase.

"More than 21 days have passed since the last large openings and flexibilities, and that is why by this time a rebound in cases was expected," Cedeño said in statements to Telemetro.

He stressed that they are still within the expected rebound, but that the population needs to return to the behavior of two months ago, which was well aware of the risk of contagion.

"We have to stop having parties, use the masks properly and follow the instructions to control these cases and prevent this rebound from having a very negative effect, not only in the metropolitan region but also at the national level."

Yesterday, in the epidemiological report, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that 887 new positive cases were detected, for a cumulative total of 143,352.

According to the Minsa, 7,093 tests were applied to detect infected people, for a percentage of positivity of 12.5%.

Rossi 155 days ago
That's the script: a) blame the population no matter what and b) start another lockdown a month or so before the vaccine is magically ready to distribute. They want to drive people crazy to get them in line for the injection. While they wait, they point the finger at asymptomatics, who are not contagious per the CDC, to make them feel bad for spreading the so-called virus far and wide. The way press censorship in Panama is going, it's not unexpected. I feel sorry for my Panamanian friends who will likely be forced to get the injection in order to work. Shame!
Oh ya 156 days ago
No we are not relaxed, we are tired of the bulkshit Mr Cedeno. This virus is killing 1 half of 1%. Maybe if the government spent some time educating the public about Zinc, vitiam D and about drinking green tea that takes the zinc into the cells and kills the virus they could better care for themselves, but no you spend 48 million dollars on a vaccine the is made in a way that vaccines have never been used on humans before and want the people to line up like fools to get it. But with the poor education system here I am sure you will have lots of volunteers


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