Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Is Panama ready for re-opening – netizens' opinions divided

Is Panama ready for re-opening – netizens' opinions divided

On June 1, the second block of economic activities reopens. After the announcement, many people still consider that the country is not prepared to take this step towards the "new normal".

The increase in cases of COVID-19 infections, citizens not using masks properly and not maintain physical distance, are some of the concerns expressed by participants in an informal survey on social networks.

On Twitter, out of a total of 1,849 votes, 56.8% of respondents said that the country is not ready for the reopening of the second economic block, while 43.2% consider that it is.

On Facebook, the result was more conclusive, since of the 1,300 participants, 71% voted against, compared to 29% who support the decision of the authorities.

Netizens say

"Many want to open, as to get back their income. And that is fine and in their rights. But we know that us Panamanians do not have a culture to take care of ourselves. There will be a lack of control and the most clear thing is that the owners of the companies will not bbe responsible for this massive contagion," said Tomás Sánchez on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Juan Rueda, indicated that more reopening should be done: "It is something for each citizen [to take responsibility for] and keeping distance, since it is something that neither the Minsa nor the government should do for us. This is not going to end soon, this is going to be for a long time."

The opening of block 2 includes the construction of public infrastructure, non-metallic mining, the beverage industry, food products, textiles, leather, rubber and plastics; the construction materials supply industry.

It also includes the paper, cardboard, chemical, pharmaceutical, medicinal and botanical industries; as well as the manufacture of machinery and equipment, and motor vehicles. Likewise, the opening of places of worship, parks, sports areas and social areas up to 25% of capacity.

According to the epidemiological report of yesterday, May 26, Panama reports 11,447 cases of COVID-19 and 313 deaths due to the virus.

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