Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Investigation continues in youth shelters abuse case

Investigation continues in youth shelters abuse case

In February, a subcommittee of the Assembly presented a report on sexual abuse and physical and psychological mistreatment of dozens of minors in some 14 shelters.
The Commission for Women, Children, Youth and the Family, on Thursday delivered to the sub-commissioners a roadmap to carry out an investigation that allows them to gather information on the abuse of minors in shelters financed by the State.

In addition, the members of the commission will sign a confidentiality resolution given that "information on issues that could be crimes cannot be revealed," explained alternate deputy Emilie García.

García explained that the investigations carried out by the Legislative Organ are carried out after receiving a number of complaints.

"To all the complaints we have received, we have followed up with the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) and the Public Ministry," he specified after mentioning that at the end of this process a final report will be presented to the Assembly commission, which will later be sent to the competent authorities, so that it can be a contribution to the process carried out by the MP.

On February 15, the Commission filed a complaint and presented a report to the Public Ministry that exposes cases of mistreatment and abuse of minors.

The more than 700-page report reveals that children with psychiatric disorders were deprived of medication, other minors were denied food, were sexually abused, and physically and psychologically abused.

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