Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Presentan iniciativa de ley que busca implementar un método de verificación para la venta de licor a través de plataformas digitales

Initiative seeks to prevent liquor sales for minors through digital platforms

A draft bill by deputy Zulay Rodríguez was presented this Wednesday before the Plenary of the National Assembly, which seeks to establish a verification method for the sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco on digital or delivery platforms.

The parliamentarian explained that this initiative seeks to prevent minors from having access to these articles through these platforms.

“There is something that is worrying us and it is that since there is no supervision on these digital platforms, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can be ordered by young people, adolescents and minors through these apps, and in which it is prohibited currently, by law, there is no verification to see how it is being obtained and how it can reach minors,” said Rodríguez.

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He added that with this it is intended that businesses, suppliers or entrepreneurs that supply alcoholic beverages or tobacco through courier or delivery, make the pertinent verification, through documents, to whom the delivery is being made to prevent it from reaching the hands of minors.

"For these alcoholic beverages that damage brain cells, it does not matter if you are an older person because they know what are the consequences that can harm and affect your health, but this can permanently harm minors, who should not have access to this, because that affects especially their performance at school and will permanently damage their health and we as adults cannot allow this,” he said.

The presentation of this draft law comes after the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, announced that as of Saturday, March 6, bars, canteens and discos will be able to sell their products, but only as home delivery.


Oh ya 42 days ago
Just make the delivery companies hand it to someone with a cedula. What happens after that can not be stopped by the seller. Mount over a mole hill


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