Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

El Instituto Gorgas ha detectado 6 nuevas mutaciones de coronavirus

Gorgas: Panama already has a coronavirus mutation that is efficient infecting cells

The director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute, Juan Miguel Pascale told Telemetro Reporta that 6 mutations of the coronavirus have already been found in Panama, but stressed that one of these is very efficient infecting cells, which makes it more contagious.
It is important to point out that the virus presents from one to two mutations per month. In Panama to date we have already found six mutations that have made it slightly different, that is, it is changing, not only at the international level but also at the level of Panama. In Panama we have only found a mutation that has made it efficient infecting cells and that mutation is really all over the world now, in the country it is present in 50% of the lineage of coronaviruses present, Pascale clarified.

The director also pointed out that in Panama a sampling study is already being carried out among all positive COVID-19 patients in 20 townships of the country, which present 50% of the country's infections, it will be random and sequential to determine if the strain found in the UK is already in the country. But also the study will seek to find it in a national or a foreigner who has recently arrived in the country.

Regarding reinfections, Pascale said that it is a very rare phenomenon to occur, however, he indicated it is not impossible, since there are people who do not develop adequate immunity, something that happens whether the person is vaccinated or has suffered the disease that causes the virus. The most important thing that the doctor pointed out is that there are people who linger with the virus and its sequelae in their body for a certain time and that is why they get sick again.

Regarding the vaccines that are arriving in countries such as Costa Rica and Chile, the doctor pointed out that Panama's vaccination system is different, since it will be massive and that is why the first entry of the doses of the Pfizer vaccine that will enter the country will be 450 thousand.

Panama is betting on having a large number of vaccines to reach the entire population, explained Dr. Pascale.

Regarding the storage of these doses, Pascale added that there are already four refrigerators suitable for refrigeration.

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