Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

En cuatro días el Aeropuerto de Tocumen movilizó a más de 25 mil pasajeros

In four days, the Tocumen Airport has served more than 27,000 passengers

In its first four days of activities after the reopening of international flights, the Tocumen International Airport registered a movement of more than 27,000 passengers, the terminal administration reported.
According to preliminary reports, between Monday, October 12 and Thursday, October 15, a total of 27,569 passengers used the Panamanian airport, between departures, arrivals and transit.

After more than six months without being able to operate normally due to restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tocumen Airport restarted activities last Monday with 80 daily operations destined for more than 20 countries in America and Europe.

According to figures from the entity, before the restrictions due to the pandemic, around 420 daily flights were registered, to 94 destinations in 39 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

As part of the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus at the airport, three swab stands were set up for those passengers who do not have their negative Covid-19 certificate. The test costs $ 50 and the result is ready in about 25 minutes.

Yesterday, Friday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that in five days of opening the Airport, 13 people have been detected who have tried to enter the country without the respective test required to rule out the Covid-19 condition.

To date, 18 travelers infected with the new coronavirus have been detected, most do not have symptoms.

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