Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

In an Illegal, inhuman and non binding ruling, US Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade, ends constitutional right to abortion

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The illegal ruling of the Supreme Court in America is not binding because it transcends the territory in which any court has the power to intervene: the woman's body is outside the jurisdiction of dubious lawyers chosen by politicians to judge. Do not waste your time reading this ruling. Simply throw it in the trash where it belongs, and ignore it. It has no legal validity.
Only a dumb judge would waste his time on the question of whether the woman's DUTY, not just “right”, not to give birth to a child she does not want, and whether forcing a future unwanted baby to be born to a mother, outweighs the “right” of a not-yet-born baby to force the birth on a woman that does not want him or her.

This whole endless legal debate deals with the question that only idiots who have no understanding of human rights will waste their time on.

Human rights are not something that anybody can give or take. they are something that every human is born with and belongs to all of them until they die. Every Pope, Judge or Legislator that think otherwise is the living proof why abortion was so needed 9 months before a birth.

What the woman is allowed to do or not do with her body, is purely the will of the body owner itself. This scenario does not need the permission of anyone, and, in any case no one can revoke the authority that belongs solely to her and not to any person, authority or state.

Instead of rescuing the tens of thousands of children who were raped and sexually harassed by the “Christian God’s envoys” worldwide, the judges impersonate as human rights defenders, humans who have not yet been born, at the expense of abused and harassed women who do not want to give birth. Remember, too, this is also at the expense of unwanted babies, miserable who will be forced to be born to a women who did not want to give birth.

The whole idea that a country has the right to force a woman to do something against her will sounds crazy, even if it was attributed to a country like North Korea. The fact that a country like the United States deals with this issue as if it were a question at all, indicates the bankruptcy of the so-called "American dream" and what, in practice, has become a nightmare for women, blacks, poor and middle class - not a dream.

The Supreme Court is superior only to the inferior courts below it, but it is always lower and below basic human rights.

In a democracy the law is subject to human rights and not human rights being subject to laws.

Human rights are above the law. The opinion of lawyers who got a jobs as judges concerning what woman can or cannot do with her own body, does not obligate anyone.

This is not a ruling against women. This is a ruling that throws in the trash the myth that the court is above human rights, in general, and women’s rights on their own body, in particular.

What is needed is for the judges to be sued for the public money that they have wasted on the ink for writing such primitive and illegal nonsense.

To Blll 155 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to try to challenge my position.
KBill 155 days ago
I think I've clearly stated my position and supported it. I see nothing to be gained from continuing on. Signing off.
To Blll 155 days ago
Oh, you describe the subject of abortion in a one-dimension, detached from reality.

The decision to have an abortion is a decision of a woman, on her own body, for the future of the woman, who is already alive, vs. the future of a fetus, whom with all due respect to him, is not even born.

This is a situation where a woman has no choice and she must choose, not between good and good but between what is less bad vs what causes more harm for her as well as for an unwanted baby.

Whether the pregnancy is the result of rape, an accident, a broken relationship, poverty or some other medical reason, the sense of justice must always be in the interest of the living woman and not of the unborn fetus.

This is the right thing to do even in enlightened and developed countries, and even more so in third world countries such as the United States, where the value of human life is worth far less than a barrel of oil, a comfort of a pet or a handful of dollars.

(I'm talking only about the zero value of the life’s of the 99% of non-white-blond-rich-blue eyes Americans, obviously).

The very fact that men's decision to force women to give birth to a baby they do not want is controversial - it makes me shudder, shock and sad.

I look forward to next episode of the early-life theory, which sends to life imprisonment men who masturbated, or had sex with a condom and by doing so is found guilty of mass murder of so many potential-lives with such a careless squirt of a sperm ...


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