Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Para el 2021 se prevé tener listo el laboratorio de residuos tóxicos, anunció Augusto Valderrama, ministro de Desarrollo Agropecuario

In 2021 Panama will have a toxic waste laboratory to export meat to the US

In March 2021 and after 30 years, Panama will have a toxic waste laboratory to export meat to the United States, as reported this Sunday, the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), through a press release.
The Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, announced that by 2021 the toxic waste laboratory is expected to be ready.

This, hoping that by March all equivalence tests will be carried out in the Animal Health section requested by the United States to be able to export meat to this country.

Valderrama described as shameful that the country has not been able to complete the toxic waste laboratory in 30 years, knowing the impact it would have on the livestock sector and when millions have been spent on other projects.

He added that last week eight new tests were incorporated that allow them to carry out the evaluation of eight groups of compounds of some 30 different active ingredients in meat products, both bovine, pork and poultry, thus approaching meeting the standards required by the Department of Agriculture American.

Oh ya 142 days ago
Well Panama has good beef as in grass feed and not standing knee deep in its own waste being feed corn like beef in the US from feed lots but it is not good steak beef. Great for hamburger and that's about it. If Panama thinks the folks will buy it for anything other than hamburger there wrong


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