Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Illegal wiretapping case: two plaintiffs withdraw accusation against Ricardo Martinelli

Illegal wiretapping case: two plaintiffs withdraw accusation against Ricardo Martinelli

Two of the six plaintiffs in the process followed against Ricardo Martinelli, for illegal wiretapping, have reached an agreement with the defense of the ex-president.

They are Juan Carlos Navarro, former mayor of the capital, and Mauro Zúñiga, former leader of the doctors' union. Sources from the Judicial Branch confirmed that Navarro submitted a letter to the Judicial Office to inform that he is withdrawing the accusation and states that he has no intention of continuing with the process.

Meanwhile, Zúñiga presents a notarized document, through the lawyer Carlos Ameglio Moncada, in which he indicates that, in effect, he desists from the "claim in the process."

Rosendo Rivera, one of the plaintiffs, confirmed that some of the victims reached agreements with Martinelli's lawyers. At first he said they were Navarro, Zúñiga and a "third party", without mentioning names.

"The last one is still there, he is a third complainant, but still until the Court certifies it to me, I could not say it," Rivera assured in Telemetro .

David Cuevas, Rivera's lawyer, said that he met three times with Martinelli's lawyers “but his proposal does not satisfy the victim Rosendo Rivera. So if they do not improve their offer and meet the aspirations of my client, we remain in the case ”.

He indicated that "the defense strategy is to try to reach agreements with all the plaintiffs."

Balbina Herrera, Mitchell Doens and journalist Rubén Polanco reported that they remain in the process.

“I am not going to sit with Mr. Martinelli. I am not interested in your money. I want him to come out saying: I made the mistake, I recorded, it's true and I want to apologize to the Panamanian people,” said Balbina Herrera.

Last week, the Oral Trial Court rejected, as “inadmissible”, a series of petitions from the former president's defense, including a hearing to present a third medical incapacity to suspend the trial scheduled for this Wednesday, July 21.

In his Twitter account, the former president reported that he will be present at the trial. "I'm not hiding, I show my face," he said.

"I will go to all rigged impeachment hearings despite my health. I don't hide, I show my face. Not like my opponents who hide behind corrupt judges and phantom media and organizations. I fight head-on, I hope you Gaby Carrizo do the same"


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