Thursday, May 06, 2021

Illegal migrants die while trying to enter Panama

Illegal migrants die while trying to enter Panama

Four illegal migrants died in recent weeks in Panama, according to the National Migration Service and the National Border Service (Senafront).
They are three men and one woman, who have tried to enter Panamanian territory through the Darien jungle, having to face the inhospitable condition of the area, to which is added the change from the dry season to the rainy season, which which has produced the first rainfall, making conditions even more difficult in this jungle region.

It is presumed that the cause of deaths of a woman in the Villa Caleta area, two men in the Charco Chivo community and another migrant whose body was located about 15 minutes from the Río Arriba community, in the Darien province, were due to drowning.

The Migration staff and Senafront units redoubled their efforts with constant patrols in various sectors of the Darien jungle, after several migrants who managed to enter Panamanian territory showed their concern, given that their companions have not been able to cross the Darien trails.

The authorities indicated that these routes are highly dangerous, with serious risks that those who use them to enter Panamanian territory will face.

Oh ya 24 days ago
Load them on a plane and fly them back to where they started


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