Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Los panameños no deben bajar la guardia esperanzándose en la llegada de la vacuna contra el COVID-19

If COVID-19 infections continue to increase, there would be 2,000 daily cases in December, says an epidemiologist

The epidemiologist and researcher of Public Health of Panama, Arturo Rebollón said that the acceleration of coronavirus infections that the country is having in recent days is worrying.
We are in an acceleration of cases that is out of proportion compared to the entire pandemic, we have gone from an average of 700 cases to 1180 cases in two weeks, that means that every week, every day we are adding 200 more new cases. we follow this speed, we will be able to reach Christmas up to 2,000 cases a day, said the epidemiologist.

The doctor also detailed that this scenario would suggest that deaths could rise to between 30 to 40 deaths a day.

Rebollón advised Panamanians to keep in mind that although the vaccine is expected to arrive next year, but this dose will not be placed on everyone immediately, because the first to be placed will be the servers who are in the first line of fire (doctors, security forces, nurses, etc.), subsequently, people will be put at risk and children; and then to the rest of the population.

The researcher also indicated that the vaccines will arrive in waves and it is expected to be vaccinated for 6 months, so he asks the population not to lower their guard.

Dr. Rebollón brought up the study carried out by the Social Security Fund on the workers of the Panama Metro that indicated that 37% of these scored positive for antibodies, which means that 2 out of 5 employees were exposed to COVID-19, so you have to be smart when using the metro, and use extra protection in high-risk sites.

Oh ya 144 days ago
First, with the test how many times is it amplified to get the results and second what is the rate of false positives , plus is this like the USA were a guy got almost cut in half from a motorcycle accident and the hospital tested him and he came back postive so thats what they said killed him until his family stepped in and said no that is BS


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