Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Los pasajeros de Copa Airlines podrán crear un “pasaporte digital” para gestionar de forma fácil y segura sus viajes

IATA Travel Pass testing is expected to begin in March on select flights

The Civil Aviation Authority reiterated this Wednesday that the International Air Transport Association, together with the Government of the Republic of Panama and the Copa Airlines, are making progress in the creation of a mobile application called IATA Travel Pass, with the aim of helping users to travel safely and reliably, based on all the requirements established in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
It details that the test phase started that this initiative is scheduled to begin next March on selected Copa flights from the Hub of the Americas in Panama City.

The statement emphasizes that this mobile application will allow passengers to check their travel itineraries with the health requirements of the COVID-19 of their destination and validate that they comply with them.

“Panama becomes one of the first countries to test the IATA Travel Pass. Application that will allow users to manage their flights quickly, safely and complying with the required biosafety protocols”, highlights the AAC.

It is worth mentioning that using the IATA Travel Pass, developed by the International Air Transport Association, Copa Airlines passengers will be able to create a “digital passport” to easily and securely manage their travels in accordance with the government requirements for proof of COVID-19 or vaccine information.

The Civil Aeronautical Authority indicates that this IATA Travel Pass trial period will be essential to restore global connectivity while managing the risks of COVID-19.

Jan Eisner 45 days ago
Dear anit-vaccers: read the damned post! Neg. test result to board a plane to destinations who require it. Perhaps NO test result will be required if you have been vaccinated against Covid. This travel pass will verify your status. Don't blame COPA. Geez!
KW 47 days ago
Dudes, no one is requiring you to get a vaccine. But if you do get one, it can be recorded on your digital passport. Nations may require proof you do not have Covid 19 to let you visit, via a nasal swab or antigen test or vaccine. So you decide. The requirements of the country you are flying into are who is making the airlines check your Covid status BEFORE you board. Don't blame Copa for trying to make this compliance easier for their customers.
Rona 48 days ago
I am a loyal Copa customer. If this ridiculous "passport" is put in place, that's it for me. My flight in March 2020 will have been my last. I'm out of Panama anyway, and I won't come back. I never got sick with this flu, not even a sniffle. So, why do you, people, insist on forcing me and others who are healthy to be subjected to this injection? It's effectively a violation of the Nuremberg Code. No one with a brain will acquiesce to it. No thanks!


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