Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Elpresidente de la República, Laurentino Cortizo durante un recorrido en el Centro de Convenciones Atlapa, donde se confeccionan bolsas de alimentos del plan Panamá Solidario

'I am the President of the Republic and I have to make decisions', Cortizo on quarantine

The Panamanian president, Laurentino Cortizo reappeared on Tuesday, December 29, and spoke about the new sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste, given the significant increase in cases of covid-19 .
I know the measures I have taken from 4 to 14, they are not easy for anyone, but I am the President of the Republic and I have to make decisions, said the head of state during a tour of the Atlapa Convention Center, where they pack the food bags of the Panama Solidario Plan.

Cortizo said that in the next 90 days the vaccination process will begin in the country, however they must correct social behavior in some sectors.

The balance between health, social and economic is a fine balance, but in the end in the process of observing the behavior of the virus, of analyzing it, that the health teams and the advisory council make decisions, the last action or actions are taken by Nito Cortizo, president of this country, he said,

He reiterated the call to citizens not to lower their guard to comply with biosecurity measures to avoid contagion, let's not lower our guard, with this virus playing alive ends in playing dead.

casual observer 23 days ago
Hey Lynne........Covid: South Africa's Ramaphosa announces new restrictions as cases soar. Get some facts straight before posting your nonsense.
Oh ya 23 days ago
And stop all testing. If someone feels sick they can go to the doctor. With as many false positives the tests are giving people who think they have the virus will overwelm the HOSPITALS. WHO has stated that they have no proof that people who do not show and sigh of being sick are spreading the virus so why are you testing?
Lynne 23 days ago
Hey Prez. You want to be a hero and lower the "numbers" make HQC available to everyone. Why doesn't Africa have a problem? Because it's commonly available to them to fight malaria. Stop killing your citizens and stop listening to THE WHO and the Chinese who want to see you fail so they can take over.


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