Saturday, May 15, 2021

Hurricane Iota leaves one dead, one missing and 74 critically affected areas in Panama

Hurricane Iota leaves one dead, one missing and 74 critically affected areas in Panama

The National Civil Protection System confirmed a fatal victim in the community of Nole Duima, Ngäbe Bugle region and a missing person in Soloy, also in the regional area, due to the floods produced due to the collateral effects of Hurricane Iota.
According to Bulletin No.24 of the National Government, Sinaproc reported that there are 74 critical points as a result of the floods: 31 in the province of Chiriquí, 22 in the Ngäbe Bugle region and 21 in the province of Veraguas; But so far there is no person in the 28 shelters available to attend to any eventuality that may arise.

While in the corregimiento of Progreso, district of Barú, the collapse of a bridge was reported due to the overweight of a dump truck. The driver who suffered minor injuries was taken to David Regional Hospital.

In turn, it was reported that due to bad weather, the Joint Task Force suspended the search for a missing child in the Boca de Balsa river, Besikó.

Sinaproc reported that it maintains six areas of operations in the province of Chiriquí (Tierras Altas, Puerto Armuelles, Divalá, Soloy, San Félix and Chiriquí Grande) and continues with constant monitoring of weather conditions in the province of Chiriquí.

While in the district of Soná, province of Veraguas, Sinaproc units rescue an entire family that was trapped by the rising river.

And in the district of Ocú-Cerro Largo, in the province of Herrera, personnel from Sinaproc and the Ministry of Public Works carried out works to remove debris to clear the road, in the sector of La Fragua (Cerro Largo) and that had left more than 500 people incommunicado due to the landslide caused by heavy rains.

According to the Etesa hydrometeorology station, despite the fact that Iota has weakened, conditions continue to be favorable to generate abundant cloudiness and scattered rains in the following hours accompanied by winds.

The indirect influence continues, over the province of Panama; the tropical depression IOTA is located in the border sector between Honduras and Nicaragua. Maintains a warning in the mountainous areas and central mountain range of the country due to the significant increase in rainfall, mainly on the Pacific slope. 

The National Government, for its part, delivered to the Municipality of Barú, a thousand mattresses, food products and a water filter, to be distributed to the families affected by the recent floods in the sectors of this district of the Chiriquí province.

While through the Office of the First Lady, humanitarian aid (mattresses, mega bags of food and bottled water) was delivered to families affected by the indirect effects of bad weather.

For its part, the National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (Idaan) cleaned the mouth of the Chiriquí Viejo river intake and installed one of the pumps for the pumping station that will help increase the inflow of raw water to the Paso Canoas water treatment plant, Barú.

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