Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

Las balleneas jorobadas todos los años se trasladan desde las aguas antárticas hasta las aguas tropicales del Pacífico de Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá y Costa Rica

Humpback whales arrive in the Panamanian Pacific

Humpback whales, which move from the Antarctic waters, visit the Panamanian Pacific.
These gigantic whales can be observed in Las Perlas, Isla Iguana, Montijo, Coiba and Islas Secas, in addition to groups of dolphins, mainly the bottlenose dolphin and the pantropical spotted dolphin.

The Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente) reported that it monitors the cetacean populations on Isla Iguana and in the Coiba National Park, and supports other research initiatives led by NGOs, universities and research centers, which generate technical information to strengthen the process. decision-making on these marine mammals.

In addition, MiAmbiente indicated, training programs are developed for the communities that carry out the activity at the national level, to ensure that the people who provide the sighting tourist service comply with the existing regulations.

According to the MiAmbiente, recent studies carried out in Colombia indicate that this population has currently advanced its arrival, although it maintains its date of return to the South.

Panama in 2005 established a marine corridor for the protection and conservation of marine mammals, and a steering committee was established that must ensure the achievement of its objectives.

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