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Cybersecurity salaries revealed: How much 24 companies including CrowdStrike, FireEye, and Palo Alto Networks pay analysts, engineers, and other roles — with pay as high as $350,000

Cybersecurity salaries revealed: How much 24 companies including CrowdStrike, FireEye, and Palo Alto Networks pay analysts, engineers, and other roles — with pay as high as $350,000

An analysis of newly-released federal pay data reveals salaries at 24 major cybersecurity companies, many of which are still hiring aggressively.

Cybersecurity companies are sponsoring foreign workers with salaries exceeding $300,000, visa records show – but also entry-level workers with salaries under $100,000 – as a talent gap drives foreign hiring in a booming industry.

Business Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification's 2020 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out what 24 major players in cybersecurity — including Palo Alto Networks, Okta, FireEye, Trend Micro, McAfee, Netskope, CrowdStrike, and Cloudflare — pay tech talent in key roles including engineers, developers and data scientists.

Records show four companies – Auth0, Cloudflare, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec – paid salaries exceeding $300,000 to new hires from other countries. More than 100 foreign workers were hired at salaries exceeding $200,000 by a dozen companies, the records show.

On the other end of the spectrum, talent-hungry cybersecurity companies hired more than 600 foreign workers at less that $100,000 annual salary – many at less than $70,000 for analysts, accountants, and marketers.

"One of the things it says when firms are hiring executives and entry level workers from abroad is that the talent is less and less available [in the US]," the CEO of cybersecurity-training and workforce-development company CyberVista, Simone Petrella, told Business Insider.

Cybersecurity presents a more extreme version than many industries that hire and sponsor foreign workers because of a gaping talent gap that has left hundreds of thousands of jobs unfilled.

While the federal data is limited to this select group of workers and only includes base pay — sans any bonuses or stock awards — it still provides rare insight into what these major companies are willing to shell out for talent.

Here's how much these top cybersecurity technology companies paid employees hired in 2020:

Auth0 hired a head of content with a salary of $230,000.

Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace.

Auth0 is an identity-focused startup building single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and passwordless login technology.

The company is decentralized, with most of its 650+ employees working remotely. CEO Eugenio Pace recently wrote in a Business Insider op-ed that "trust, communication, and collaboration" are key to making this work, not "any predetermined amount of 'chair time.'"

Here are the salaries of some recent Auth0 hires based on 19 approved visa applications.

Business intelligence research analyst: $112,000

Computer systems analyst: $95,000

Data Scientist: $116,000

Engineer: $140,000

Head of content and digital product design: $230,000

Marketing specialist: $70,903

Solutions architect: $163,000

Technical support engineer: $68,000

Vice president, solutions engineering: $305,190

Carbon Black paid one principal software engineer a salary of $130,000.

Carbon Black, which primarily builds cloud security software for enterprise clients, has made several high-salaried hires since VMWare bought it for $2.1 billion last year, an acquisition meant to bolster the cloud computing company's security offerings.

Here are the salaries of some recent Carbon Black hires based on seven approved visa applications.

Full stack engineer: $133,000

Principal software engineer: $130,000

Senior site reliability engineer: $118,934

Software engineer: $100,000-$105,000

Software engineering manager, developer relations: $160,000

Technical support engineer: $87,859

Cloudflare hired a data scientist with a salary between $120,000 and $130,000.

Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder and COO of Cloudflare

Cloudflare, the $10.8 billion cybersecurity company, has expanded its offerings as companies shift to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Internet traffic through its system has risen 50% since the start of 2020 as more people work from home, COO Michelle Zatlyn recently told Business Insider.

Here are the salaries of some recent Cloudflare hires based on 116 approved visa applications.

Account executive: $150,000

Backend systems engineer, load balancing: $140,000

Cryptography engineer: $130,000

Data analyst: $81,598

Data scientist: $120,000-$130,000

Engineering manager: $190,000-$220,000

Head of China strategy and development: $330,000

Head of infrastructure: $280,000

Network engineer, strategic infrastructure: $220,000

Product pricing strategist: $240,000

Software engineer: $175,000

A data integration architect at CrowdStrike is paid $170,000.

CrowdStrike Chief Executive George Kurtz.

The cloud-based cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, valued at $29 billion, has expanded its remote work-focused offerings in recent months, including through the acquisition of Preempt Security for $96 million to bulk up its zero-trust offerings.

"Many companies we talk to say they want to digitally transform themselves, but you can't transform if you can't protect yourself," CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz told Business Insider in September.

Here are the salaries of some recent CrowdStrike hires based on 37 approved visa applications.

Analyst, Falcon Complete: $100,000

Cloud engineer: $110,000

Data integration architect: $170,000

Manager, engineering: $180,000-$185,000

Network engineer: $125,000

Release manager: $99,382-$120,000

Senior engineer: $155,000-$200,000

Senior software engineer: $142,626-$200,358

Senior systems engineer: $142,500

Software engineer: $90,200-$165,000

Cybereason paid a senior sales engineer a salary of $165,000.

Cybereason’s founders, Yonatan Striem-Amit, Lior Div, and Yossi Naar

Cybereason has raised $390 million in venture capital from backers including SoftBank and Greenspring Associates. It primarily sells a cloud-based endpoint detection platform meant to protect against advanced threats.

Here are the salaries of recent Cybereason hires, according to seven approved visa applications.

Security engineer: $99,320

Security operations center analyst: $100,000

Senior sales engineer: $165,000

Solution architect: $110,000

Technical support manager: $125,000

Tier 3 support engineer: $100,000

A manager of product development at F5 Networks has a $158,184 salary.

F5 Networks CEO Francois Locoh Donou

F5 Networks is a $10 billion company that helps developers secure and run their web apps. It recently acquired Nginx, a startup that runs more than half of the world's busiest websites, and also sells security and application-monitoring tools.

Here are the salaries of some of F5 Networks' recent hires, according to 354 approved visa applications.

ASIC engineer: $125,590

Business intelligence analyst: $74,984

Internal IT auditor: $65,374-$73,736

IT network architect: $126,485

Manager, product development: $158,184

New product introduction engineer: $127,546-$154,315

Principal software engineer: $134,618-$165,871

Solution architect: $155,656

FireEye paid a senior threat analyst a $101,400 salary.

FireEye logo is seen outside the company's offices in Milpitas, California

FireEye is best known for its threat intelligence reports on hackers backed by nation-states, and also sells cybersecurity software and consulting for enterprise clients.

Here are the salaries of some recent FireEye hires, according to 184 recently approved visa applications.

Associate security researcher: $112,935

Associate UX designer: $57,013

Director, SW dev engineering: $212,000

Director, software QA: $213,947

Senior threat analyst: $101,400

Software engineer: $93,100-$115,000

Staff research scientist: $155,000-$184,350

Fortinet paid an advanced services engineer a $125,000 salary.

Fortinet founder and CEO Ken Xie

Fortinet sells enterprise cybersecurity technology like firewalls, endpoint security, and anti-virus software. The publicly-traded company has grown steadily since its IPO in 2009, and now has over 6,000 employees.

Here are the salaries of some recent Fortinet hires, according to 295 recently approved visa applications.

Advanced services engineer: $125,000

Director, product management: $205,650

Director, software development: $240,843

Embedded software developer: $97,302-$141,898

Java developer: $95,000-$119,500

Software development engineer: $75,000-$135,000

Web developer: $86,320-$120,000

A business system analyst at Gigamon makes a $95,638 salary.

Paul Hooper, CEO of Gigamon

Founded in 2004, Gigamon specializes in tools that let businesses gauge and route traffic, as well as threat detection software for enterprises.

Here are the salaries of some recent Gigamon hires, according to 59 approved visa applications.

Business system analyst: $95,638

Principal engineer, SW: $189,373

Senior software engineer: $100,000-$127,000

Senior professional services manager: $149,330-$168,743

Senior staff engineer: $174,421

Systems manager: $170,000

Technical support engineer: $86,520-$91,800

A head of digital analytics at Kaspersky makes a salary of $128,508.

Eugene Kaspersky makes a presentation at a press conference in London

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm based in Russia, has emerged as one of the leading firms combatting the rising global threat of ransomware. Kaspersky sells enterprise tools to block ransomware and offers threat intelligence on sophisticated ransomware attackers.

Here are some recent hires made by Kaspersky's US offices, according to four approved visa applications.

Analyst relations and marketing intelligence specialist: $69,000

Head of digital analytics: $128,508

Web developer: $95,000

Lookout paid a senior staff software engineer a salary of $210,000.

Jim Dolce, the CEO of Lookout

Lookout specializes in cloud-based security for mobile devices. The Silicon Valley cybersecurity firm also runs a threat intelligence unit that has partnered with tech nonprofits like Citizen Lab and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to shine a light on nation-state hacking tools used to target human rights groups.

Here are some recent Lookout hires, according to 33 approved visa applications.

Administration specialist: $57,637

Data engineer: $120,000

Director of security software engineering: $235,000

Product manager: $164,500-$188,000

Senior engineering manager: $190,000-$195,000

Senior staff software engineer: $210,000

Staff data engineer: $180,000

McAfee hired a Sales operations analyst with a salary of $68,800.

One of the largest longstanding cybersecurity companies, McAfee employs over 7,000 people at its offices in Silicon Valley and Texas. The company is hiring aggressively and recruits new hires with a broad range of educational backgrounds, chief people officer Chatelle Lynch recently told Business Insider.

Here are the salaries of some recent McAfee hires based on 204 approved visas.

Application developer: $99,500-$126,235

Data analyst: $66,700-$126,100

Director, security operations: $186,493

Manager, software engineering: $131,726-$154,669

Sales operations analyst: $68,800

Security researcher: $72,114-$123,000

Vice president, marketing: $230,006

A build and release engineer at Netskope has a salary of $126,000.

Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri

Netskope, which sells tools to companies that monitor how employees use cloud software, is pouring money into hiring new engineering talent. The $3 billion company recently entered a "cloud security alliance" with two other cybersecurity firms to challenge giants like Microsoft and McAfee.

Here are the salaries of some recent Netskope hires, based on 143 approved visa applications.

Build and release engineer: $126,000

Business operations technical analyst: $69,430-$72,280

Director, engineering: $171,831-$265,000

Principal architect: $240,843

Software engineer: $109,242-$155,000

User experience designer: $81,349-$135,000

NortonLifeLock paid a senior principal software engineer a salary of $191,209

NortonLifeLock CEO Vincent Pilette

$11 billion NortonLifeLock sells cybersecurity software primarily to consumers. The Arizona-based company is investing heavily in engineering hires, according to federal disclosures, after its enterprise software division was acquired by Broadcom in 2019 for $10.7 billion.

Here are the salaries of some recent NortonLifeLock hires, according to 40 approved visas.

Automation specialist: $123,600

Business operations analyst: $70,000

Director, product management: $192,000

Senior principal software engineer: $191,209

Software development engineer: $128,000

Software engineer: $103,737-$118,965

Senior site reliability engineer: $127,456

Okta hired a director of product management with a salary of $230,000

Okta's valuation has soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic as companies with remote workers are increasingly willing to buy its endpoint security products.

The $32 billion Silicon Valley company has been able to pick up top talent during the pandemic, continuing to hire as other companies implement hiring freezes or layoffs, cofounder Frederic Kerrest recently told Business Insider.

Here are the salaries of some recent Okta hires based on 274 approved visa applications.

Analyst: $97,400-$121,060

Application security engineer: $127,600-$159,600

Chief security officer: $241,696

Director, product management: $230,000

Emerging markets account executive: $57,158

Principal software architect: $281,300

Technical program manager: $135,000-$161,300

OneTrust hired a user interface developer with a salary between $80,000 and $135,000.

OneTrust founder and CEO Kabir Baday

OneTrust sells software that lets businesses protect and track data that they're using to comply with shifting privacy laws. The Atlanta-based startup has raised over $410 million in the past two years alone as businesses clamor for data privacy tech in the face of new legislation.

Here are the salaries of some recent OneTrust hires, according to 160 approved visa applications:

Architect: $180,000-$200,000

Cloud ops engineer: $73,009-$115,000

Implementation consultant: $67,500-$105,000

Java developer: $75,000-$132,000

Lead solutions engineer: $125,258

Software engineer: $70,000-$132,000

UI developer: $80,000-$135,000

A principal data engineer at Palo Alto Networks has a $220,000 salary.

Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks, the self-described "world's largest cybersecurity company," sells security systems to prevent cyberattacks to its more than 70,000 customers. The $28 billion firm was named the highest-paying employer in 2019 by Glassdoor and continues to hire aggressively.

Here are the salaries of some recent Palo Alto Networks hires based on 689 approved visa applications.

Big data software engineer: $130,000-$150,000

Cloud software engineer: $132,000

Global head of strategic solution architecture: $252,000

Principal data engineer: $220,000

Senior director, global MDR alliances: $240,000

Staff software engineer: $94,307-$152,500

Vice president, Americas field marketing: $300,000

Vice president, next generation firewall: $310,000

Rapid7 hired a senior business analyst with a salary of $98,725.

Rapid7 sells software to over 9,000 customers that automates routine security tasks and wards off attacks. The $4 billion company has recently hired a raft of software engineers and security analysts, according to filings.

Here are the salaries of some recent Rapid7 hires, according to 26 approved visa applications.

Security analyst: $76,253

Senior application integration engineer: $127,427-$150,000

Senior business analyst: $98,725

Senior software engineer: $90,000-$141,274

Vice president, public and community affairs: $199,500

Web developer: $115,000

A security researcher at Red Balloon Security can make up to $246,000.

Led by prominent security researcher Ang Cui, Red Balloon Security specializes in identifying and patching flaws in embedded devices like MP3 players, hospital equipment, and even household devices like an internet-connected "smart crib."

Red Balloon security CEO Ang Cui told Business Insider that the company recruits people who can "solve complex problems" regardless of the details of their resume.

"Our hiring strategy is a bit different from the typical company, in that we don't care so much about resumes and interviews," Cui said in an emailed statement, adding that the company relies more heavily on real-world hacking or programming challenges for potential hires.

Here are the salaries of some recent Red Balloon Security hires, according to 10 approved visa applications.

Graphic designer: $63,000

Python engineer: $120,000

Research scientist: $105,000-$111,111

Security researcher: $104,000-$246,000*

*While visa data showed security researcher salaries up to $134,000, a Red Balloon Security spokesperson clarified that the company pays up to $246,000 for the position.

CyberArk Software hired an extensions developer with a $80,000 salary.

Cyber-Ark Software Inc President & CEO Udi Mokady speaks during the Reuters Global Media and Technology Summit in London

CyberArk is a $4.3 billion information security company that sells cybersecurity software to over 5,400 businesses.

Here are the salaries of some recent CyberArk hires, according to three approved visa applications.

Extensions developer: $80,000

Security services engineer: $81,000

Splunk hired a senior director of data operations and process excellence with a salary of $250,000.

Splunk, a $21 billion analytics firm, helps its clients rapidly process vast amounts of data. Businesses use its data analytics product to investigate outages and identify root causes, including potential cyberattacks.

Here are the salaries of some recent Splunk hires, according to 451 approved visa applications.

Analyst: $96,720-$139,277

ASA chief architect: $158,454

Data engineer: $131,726-$140,400

Director, product management: $225,000

Principal security engineer: $195,000

Principal software engineer: $122,408-$202,800

Senior director, data operations and process excellence: $250,000

Solution architect: $141,856-$172,640

A senior vice president at Symantec has a salary of $350,000.

Acquired by Broadcom in 2019 for $10.7 billion, Symantec sells a security platform to enterprise clients that provides tools for complying with data privacy regulations and warding off cyberattacks.

Here are the salaries of some recent Symantec hires according to 759 approved visa applications.

Associate software engineer: $72,800-$110,000

Cloud security architect: $230,000

Cybersecurity analyst: $70,000-$75,000

Director of product management: $250,666

Information security lead: $200,000

Principal software engineer: $114,330-$190,000

Senior vice president: $350,000

VP, security strategy: $285,000

Tanium hired an event marketing manager with a salary of $110,000.

Tanium cofounder and CEO Orion Hindawi.

With a $9 billion valuation, Tanium is one of the most valuable cybersecurity firms in the industry. The company recently raised $150 million from backers including Salesforce Ventures and has gone on a hiring spree, tapping former Ford CEO Mark Fields as its lead board member.

Tanium has been able to expand its global recruitment recently as it shifts to a "remote-first" workplace, VP of talent acquisition Mike Curran said in a statement to Business Insider.

"Tanium continues to invest in hiring the best talent in the market to build products that provide manageability, security and insight where digital business begins: at the endpoint," Curran said. "Shifting to a remote-first mindset has allowed us to tap into talent around the globe in order to fulfill our enormous market opportunity."

Here are the salaries of some recent Tanium hires based on four approved visa applications.

Director of strategy, data: $170,000

Event marketing manager: $110,000

Program and events manager: $66,000

A senior site reliability engineer has a $175,000 salary at Tenable.

The self-titled "Cyber Exposure company," $3.9 billion Tenable specializes in identifying security vulnerabilities for its clients. The Maryland-based company serves businesses including more than 250 Fortune 500 companies, as well as several large government agencies.

Here are the salaries of some recent Tenable hires, according to 20 approved visa applications.

Director of research, vulnerability detection: $185,000-$190,920

Senior director, sales and channel operations: $165,000-$185,000

Senior site reliability engineer: $175,000

Software engineer: $124,000

Software engineer manager: $197,510

Senior software engineer: $170,000-$180,000


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